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Hi-C - Sitting in the Park

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(At the tone the time will be
8:59 and 10 seconds)

[VERSE 1: Hi-C]
Nine o'clock in the morning, yes, I got dressed
Thought about my girl with the big fat breast
So I called her up and asked could I see her today
She said okay, so I said, "I see ya Shante"
Hung up the phone, then I threw on my clothes
I pulled some tissue off the roll to blow the boogers out my nose
Put on my chain and my boots and things
Bout to step out the house and heard the telephone ring
I grabbed the telephone just to see what was up
She said, "Gimme the place and time and we could hook up"
I said, "Okay then, why don't you meet me in the park?
At a quarter to five, cause at six it get dark"
She said she didn't mind, okay it's on
So I grabbed my Skanless jacket, then I hung up the phone
I stepped out the house, smilin and grinnin
Sayin to myself, hot damn I'm winnin

Oh what shall I, what shall I, what shall I do
Sittin in the park waitin for you
Oh what shall I, what shall I, what shall I do
Shall I slap the trick and tell the tramp it's through?
I'm (sitting in the park waiting for you)

[VERSE 2: Hi-C]
On the way to the park I had to stop at the sto'
When bums beg me for a quarter I usually say no
But that day I made all they butt holler
Went in my pocket, gave the poor fellas a dollar
They couldn't believe it, they had to ask me what's wrong
I said, "Yo, just take this dollar and get yo butt on"
I bailed five or six blocks with a skip and a hop
Mmh... what's that smell? Oh, the flower shop
Now I pulled a lotta girlies out they panty hose
And never never have I ever bought a chick no rose
But that day I had to be the Life Saver
To top it all off, I rushed to 31 Flavors
The girl said she loved me, she said I was cute
But all I thought about was just knockin her boots
I thought about doin it with no hesitation
Now I'm sittin in the park just waitin


[VERSE 3: Hi-C]
Now I'm sittin on a bench with my back against the fence
Hi-C's not dumb, I got a gang of sense
Flowers in my hand, ice cream in a cup
I'm thinkiin to myself, won't this girl hurry up?
I seen my homies comin and my butt puckered up
They said, "There go the homie Crawf, hey Hi-C, what's up?"
I grabbed the roses, tried to hide 'em behind my back
But I was stuck in a - ouch - caught in the act
Then a old man walked up to me
He said, "You know, whatever will be, will be"
I said, "Excuse me sir, I don't mean to be rude
( ? ) I'm in a bad mood"
He said, "Look like you got yourself a few problems
Why me bein a old man, maybe I can solve em"
"Pops, that sound familiar, what shall I do?"
"Well, just slap that trick and tell the tramp it's through"

(Sitting in the park waiting for you)

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