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Hi-C - So Good

feat. James DeBarge

[James DeBarge]
No no no no-no no, no

Uhh, yup, aww yeah, hahaha
I know y'all remember this (no no no no, no no no)
Hustler music, Hi-Life
Yeah, check it (yeah-hahh yeah)

Now baby was one of the baddest you ever saw
Tight jeans, tank top, and a push-up bra
Held her Sprite in her hand and she sip from a straw
Told the homey Suga Free nigga stop the car
The way we jumped out she musta thought we was thugs
Had a curve on that ass like a brand new Bug
Skip the handshakes, why'on'cha give me a hug?
Her titties sat pretty like apple juice jugs
Name is H-I, she said hi
Wouldn't look me in my eye, I thought she was shy
Baby started to reply, my name is Dee
And see that car over there? He lookin at me
I said so? What'chu tellin me fo'?
Start to think to myself, man this a crazy ho
She said pull around the corner, let me talk to you
Come to find out the chicken was a prostitute, ooh

[Chorus: James DeBarge]
Ohh this girl, looked so, good (nah nah nah)
But I, just cain't, trust a ho - no-no-no, no no no no
(yeah, nah, cain't trust her)
Ohh this girl, looked so, good
But I, just cain't, trust a ho (yeah, oh yeah, check it)
No I can't trust a ho

I once knew a stripper that liked to drink liquor
I fall into the club, she all in my zipper
The way I used to hit her it'd sound like I'd kill her
Man, I ain't gon' lie, I used to love that nigga
And when my baby momma got to stressin me
She was my sexual therapy
Had a waist like a bass, her thighs like thunder
And her lips hot enough to suck the skin off a cucumber!
Made me wonder was she keepin it true?
Hey boo - how many niggaz you done done this to?
Keep it real, don't lie, you can tell me the truth
You've been trickin superchicken and I got proof
I got a baby homey with a brand new Benz
Said he had you in the studio, bangin the skins
Never trust a stripper, that's a cardinal sin
You love me so much you started fuckin my friends, ya bitch!

[Chorus] w/ ad libs and variations

[Hi-C] J.D. hit 'em with it, ahh!

[James DeBarge]
Aww-ahhh (yeah) lady
Aww-ahh (uhh) baby
Aww-ahhh, aww-ahhh, say you can't, nooo (J.D. what?)
Aww-ahhh (yes)
Aww-ahh - sooooooooooooooo
Aww-ahh, aww-awww-ahhhhhhh (take it home homey)

This girl, she looked so good (yeah)
Yeah baby, blowin me right out of my mind, she's so good baby (what what)
So good baby (yup yup)
So good sugar, hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh-hoooooooooo (James DeBarge)
So good, blowin me right out of my mind (uhh, yes)
Out of my mind (yeah) yeah, looked so good

[Chorus: x2 w/ ad libs and variations]

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