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Hi-C - The Talk

feat. E-40, Sly Boogy

Roll somethin (yeah) smoke somethin (right)
Drank somethin (what) flow somethin (hey)

Niggaz try to talk that talk (some niggaz try to talk that talk)
But they really cain't walk that walk (nah they really cain't walk that walk)
People fuck around and get caught (you gon' fuck around and get caught)
Find your ass outlined in chalk (you find your ass outlined in chalk)

[Sly Boogy]
I like to smoke on the fine lined sticky
You don't really wanna try Sly Boogy (nah)
I got some niggaz that'll ride right wit me
I'm not a homosexual, I like pussy (yup yup)
I make the hardest niggaz cry like sissies
I'm a live walkin sci-fi mystery
Come on and shine in the limelight wit me
Let's make it snap, crackle and pop like Rice Krispies
I put niggaz in fear when I rip shit
Make sho' my words sound clear when I spit this
Guzzle up a 40 ounce of beer with the quickness
If you wanna get bent, here nigga hit this
It's only been a year since my shit hit
Now a gang of people got they ear in my bid'ness
My words pierce like a spear, I'm relentless
You better hope yo' name don't appear on my hit list


Yeah you niggaz is fixin to get ya brains blew back
Sly Boogy (whattup?) Where the thang-thang at
Niggaz be killin me with these gangbang raps
I got homies so banged out they need a gangbang PATCH
Guns, knives, and baseball bats
Nigga! I come from the days of waaaaaaaaay back
And I'm still dope like Ritalin
Cause I keep shit stankin like a chitlin
You best to chill with all that yappin you snitch you
Oh you don't feel it? But I bet you your bitch do! (heyyy)
You at home eatin TV dinners
While I roll through the hood wit'cha ho on spinners
It's my time to shine, I'm fixin to rock next
And then I'm disappearin again like Loch Ness
With ten million in cash, and 2 tecs, with a cell phone
With three young honies with hot sex


Oh yeah monkeyheads, I ain't playin
Look who the cat drug in

Straight from the bottom of the gutter peeeyimp (gutter peeyimp)
But then I rose (then I rose)
Now it's life "bonus golf," pimp I got extra holes/hoes
I used to shovel that snow, that powder yo' nose
The first one on my soil my ninja to ride vogues (ride vogues)
Now we rhyme and spit verses and rock shows (rock shows)
And pimp these broads for they purses mayne when I'm on the road (on the road)
I'm a fixture on my block (on my block)
Before E-40, my named used to be Hubbarock (Hubbarock)
Hubbarock? Yeah bruiser, Hubbarock
Bust a unit open, break it down to hundred pops
Hundred pops? Yeah bruiser, hundred pops
Feed 'em to my runners, let my runners get 'em off (get 'em off)
I like to floss and campaign (campaign)
With the, top down, smokin champagne (champagne)
And go stupid like a fool (like a FOOL)
Off Hennessy and Red Bull (Red Bull)

Roll somethin, smoke somethin
Drank somethin, flow somethin


[E-40 over Chorus]
That's right, you squares be talkin that talk mayne
But cha'll can't walk that walk mayne
You fools is squares, a box of Apple Jacks
Fa-shiggadale, boyyyyyy
Get outline in chalk fool, riggadale'll tell ya
Why? Uhh

Ay DJ Cokie, get us up out this bitch mayne

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