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Hi-C - X Pills

Ecstasy, ecstasy, ahh
Ecstasy, ecstasy, what?
Ecstasy, ecstasy, huh

Now it's this little bitty pill that be doin the most
Throw it down your throat, chased by Remy and Coke
Give it a few minutes and watch it go
Where they gettin this shit from? Nigga I don't know
Got niggaz talkin about it, bitches sayin they got it
Everybody hollerin, like they can't do without it
I tried to figure out what all the fuss is about
But I guess I'll never know until it hit my mouth
Some call it the X, some call it the E
Whassup? Why'ontch'all introduce this bitch to me
So I can take her by the hand turn around and tap her dead on that ass
Tongue kiss and we was doin it bad
7-6-5-4-3-2-1 blast!
I'mmmmmmmm so hiiiiiiiiiiigh, I hope I never crash
Baby so bad, she can take over the world
Got party people screamin out "Go on girl!"

We got some big body bitches in the place to be
They off the - ecstasy, ecstasy
They layin in the hot tub gettin wet for me
They off the - ecstasy, ecstasy
And they actin like they wanna have sex with me
They off the - ecstasy, ecstasy
Man I wish these playa hatin niggaz'd stop sweatin me
I'm off the - ecstasy, ecstasy

I fell into the club, honies showin me love
Was it me? Or was it that pocket full of dove?
I kicked a convo, baby gave me a hug
Then introduced me to this brand new drug
Said you heard of ecstasy? I said I listen to Barry White
She said it's more like Betty White nigga, tonight's the night
I pulled ten bucks out the cut, she grabbed it
Then zoomed to the lockerrom and snatched a tablet
Damn, that's it? It's big as a Tic-Tac
But bomb enough to put a bull on his back
Watch out, give me that, I took it to the neck
Then baby said prepare for the bombest sex
I can hear my heart beatin, my head started to sweat
It took over my body, it made my dick stretch
I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me
She said baby don't trip, that's the ecstasy


Man the spot about to close and I'm high as fuck
So I downed the drink, and wobbled to the truck
Valet took the ticket and pulled right up
He passed me the keys, so I threw him a buck
I jumped in the ride, turned on the TV
I swear y'all, it looked like a picture of me
Straight bangin two bitches in the SUV
Ay wait, hold up, save some for me
So I jumped on screen, started gettin my pipe sucked
But damn, hold up, who drivin the truck?
Man I didn't give a fuck I'm havin too much fun
Straight Killa Cali style nigga under the sun
Cruise control kicked in, I was doin a hun'
Had the beat on blast, right past the one's
Before they pulled me over I was under arrest
I jumped out asshole naked, doin sobriety tests

We got some big thick bitches in the place to be
They off the - ecstasy, ecstasy
Man I asked her for some skull and she gave it to me
She off the - ecstasy, ecstasy
Now she actin like she wanna have sex with me
She off the - ecstasy, ecstasy
Damn baby you can get it stop sweatin me
I'm off the - ecstasy, ecstasy

[ad libs to fade]

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