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Hilltop Hoods - She's So Ugly

[Suffa (Pressure):]
What's your name? Uh
Hillatoppa, Hilla, Hilla, Hillatoppa
Finish off a fifth of vodka, light it up and spit it on ya
Man me and P-Dela got a hella proper flow
See what I'm saying like a teleprompter
And you could never stop us (fucking posers!)
Appetite for destruction like Guns N' Roses
We come like Moses, down from the Hilltop, a
Pain killer pill popper, brain killer, slurring like
Haim, still a threat when we fill up a field
Like an open air opera, sample a snare off a vinyl
They wanna take a piece like a sharecropper, stifle
Creativity, and it's not fair fuckers!
Before you try this just know that you'd have better luck
Tryna stare off a man with no eyelids,
This is a rare offer so take advantage
A carnival of carnage climbing out your garbage (here we come)
Man we're off the hook like a carcass
These bastards try and sell shares off an artist
Fuck your share offer, cause we're off the map
And we can't be bought with any fair offer
Matter of fact fuck unfair offers, can't be bought
What the pair offer can't be taught
I used to love her then they kidnapped her
Dragged her through the streets and they shaved her fucking hair off her


And she's so ugly
The music's asking why he don't love me
You've been used by too many guys
And now I can't look you in the eye, but when I met her
I was like she's so lovely
And she said "I'd let him cut me", but now it's like
You've been used by too many guys
And now I can't look you in the eye, I wish I never met her

This ain't life in the fast lane
This is hard rain, soaking and knowing you missed the last train
This ain't a date for the day
It's made that it stays timeless, they'll never take that away
This ain't glamour and shine, cameras, dimes
It's me handling mine in hazardous times
This ain't love and romance, it's hate, gluttons and antics
Paint brushing the canvas, ain't nothing attractive
So fuck a makeover, can't take the weight like a pay loader
Then we throw ya to the flamethrower
This ain't silver lined clouds
It's real and right now for the crowd to put a meal in my mouth
This ain't a beautiful temptress, nor a youthful apprentice
In the cubical doing usual stretches
It's ugly and ravished, hungry and damaged
But she's mine and the only thing that loves me that matters

[Scratches by DJ Debris]
"Right now she's an ugly bitch"

[Chorus x2]

[Pressure: Over second repeat of chorus]
Check it out! This music shit's getting so ugly
So ring the alaaaaaaarm!
Golden Era, Pokerbeats, Hilltop

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