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Hodgy Beats - Ave.

Just another day in the life, hodgy beats
I am sickly prickly, apparent through pairs of crews
Down your avenue
I got a pair to shoot, they fall without their parachute
I knock him out his pair of shoes
Truth is a win, I dare to lose
You niggas are very cube
Remember when I was broke and I didn't have shit?
I had that ebt, I get that money and I flip
Those days were shades of blue, a nigga was so sick
And now I'm on the come-up but she don't cum up quick
Rubble young man run but I be in trouble with my fists
Breakin' jaw and take ya bitch
She passenger in my whip
She tatted across her tits like me, "mellowhype"
But the hype is so mellow, and tonight we go rebel
I'm way ahead of ya sunshine, I'm night time
Midnight in this right mind, where the daylight never shines
I'm in particular the extra curriculum
Rolling up that sticky dum, ain't stop till I'm feelin' numb

I'm on a hiatus, man I'm one with the clouds
I'm on a hiatus, man I'm one with the clouds
I wave hi to the haters cause none of them are allowed

In the back of the vip with a sack of weed, my peeps chilling
Stupid broads and superstars, no ordinary civilians
Trying to live to see a million, rapping cereal killin'
In my bowl

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