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Hodgy Beats - Rella

feat. Domo Genesis And Tyler, The Creator

I fucked this flow
This is my electronic press kit
Uh huh it's some fresh shit
Nigga recollect bitch
Grow grey hairs, don't stress it
I text message, messages to fuck in estrogen
She let's me in, I sex her then she sexier than my leather vans
Cause I never am purchasing
Reimbursing your currency
Put your body on the
To work the street, I hurt the streets
Heard she sweet, she hershey's sweet
But me I'm extravagent
Hop on the bandwagon kid
I'm about to tell you some tragic shit
The love is lost and the drugs they cost, in the studio mixing raw
Bitchs... my draws like you... my draws, nigga my d! ck's in her jaw
I'm wes snipes with lead pipes, don't dabble with the apple
Cause a swagga like mine turn them apples into snapple
Fuck the pick of the raffle, king of the castle
Nigga, genghis khan mention, marilyn manson
Making money in the present, it be safe for my grandsons
African drugs for when the champ come

[Domo Genesis:]
Suicide watch nigga
Kill yourself
Oposition who?
Nigga reveal yourself
How you steal our swag and figure you still yourself?
Splinter cell creepin in this b! tch, you couldn't feel the stealth
Wolves are prowling, hunger at it's fucking best
I'm a beast like the gorilla head that is on my chest
Please let me flex, I'm going off I need some fuckin' bread
Drugs are green, my b! tches white and tonight I need fuckin' head
Excuse our swag, I'm tryna tone it down like jenny craig
Fresh to death then I guess we living like the living dead
Oh shit yo b! tch, look at how I'm doing you
B! tches on my d! ck but look at me I'm fucking beautiful
Niggas tryna figure out, but all I hear in my interviews is why this so cool? you niggas are so unusual
Wolf gang, point me to a nigga I should prove it to
Under pressure, we just stand in the middle like hula hoops

The fortress is fortified (b! tch)
Money in my pockets like I'm forty-five
Hodgy beats recording live
B! tch I be surely high
And I don't need wings to fly
I'm the air with the pigs
Left brain, domo genesis

[Tyler The Creator:]
Knock, knock
Whos' there?
It's me, your girlfriend had a really nice meeting with my d! ck
I killed that pussy and grabbed that knife
Now I got real authentic cheetah print shit (nigga you're a liar)
Nigga don't believe me, kiss your lady
And where you gonna get those heebie jeebies?
Nigga my d! ck stay diseased
I make it look easy
Fifty-one fifty, I'm off the heezy

{You ain't got no fuckin' yeezy?
5 albums, 100 songs, and you ain't got no fuckin' yeezy?
I betchu got some j-kwon.
You ain't got no fuckin yeezy?}

Came in the game like speedy gonzalez, I'm fuckin' looney
See these girls talkin' all that shit (what?)
I'm jsut tryna see some tits (what?)
Let's get it poppin' like, mc lyte, around some dykes
Out this bitch like hokus pokus
And me and lucas got a couple of pickles
And met up with bitches, gave 'em cum on their dimples
Then my d! ck went limp so, took about 3 pills of extenzo
Now my d! ck's longer than a 5 door limo
Harder than a soft right hook from kimbo
On pcp and cilantro, when I'm with your bitch I'm like
Where my d! ck doe?
Now she think I'm bout to eat her hole
Encho and lada, I gotta lotta that preme and I'm paying nada
It seems tha I'm product placement but not I'm just fuckin' awesome
Yo mama look like a ugly, loser

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