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Hodgy Beats - Warehouse

I'm programmed to smoke grams of the indica hemp
Me and my girl in our own world as we sit on the bench
Thinking about past times 'cause the presences a gift
Lesser? what we wanted to give bigger because stress is a bitch
And I know you wanna run the way until you forget
About me and what we had together that we have regrets
I wish there was a button on this game so we could reset
I never wanted space but we don't know how to eject

And for the record, I ain't trippin on these other niggas
'Cause there ain't shit another man could ever discover with her
And understand I'm a man so you think quicker
I think liquor till I'm sicker so we biquer
Trouble and stumbling over the gals curves
And you muttering and cussin pretty lips fall words
My negative active reactions are embedded
Me and my rootly fetish and you cruelly taking credit

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