Hollow Point H-O-L-L-O-W-. 9mm текст песни, слова песни H-O-L-L-O-W-. 9mm Hollow Point

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Hollow Point - H-O-L-L-O-W-. 9mm

[Mr. Lil One]
[laughing] That's right
It's Mr. Lil One and my dog Knightowl
Hollow Point, brining it to that ass
Sippin on these caronas
Bringin it on ya, mothafucka
And you know this so watch that ass

I'm on some good shit my minds trippin
So you best not get caught slippin
Or I'ma see the penitentry
Cause I don't a fuck
About no fool that tried to play the roll
Like he be tough so I'm a call you're fuckin bluff
Let's see what you made you got some skills
But I'ma bring the fuckin chills
Cause I be the one that kills, mothafuckas
That don't get out the way
Better listen to them things I got to say
If not your life might be the price you pay
The Knightowl getting clecha, simon
Yo soy el mas cavrone pelon
Con el vecanio you heard about us fool you know
We be the dopest on the block
Knowing you kids just fuckin OG's
We stick all glue and all we got to say to you
Somos los mas buscados
por todos los lados
los tragos de amorgo liquor
para el dolor
pa que no sufras
tiro de gracia
traigo desgracias
pa todo el enemigo
que quiera bronca con migo

[Chorus: Mr. Lil One]
Well I'ma brake it down
And I came to put it down
I'ma show you mothafuckas
That I don't play around
H - O - double L - O - W
Point 9 double M aimin at you

[Mr. Lil One]
Maniacs busting raps
Comin through given naps
What about all down
What I'm I the word of mouth
Lettin em know the word is out
Hollow Point is comin out
All about them pesos
Putting holes up in your wesos
By the way Lil Ray from back in the days
Is here to say what a way to get you back
Now I'm getting paid to rap
Still the same got the fame
Everybody know my name
Kickin it with viscious getting malicious on a track
Get malicious on you bicthes
Every time you here me rap
Had them shackles on my angles
And them cuffs up on my wrists
I'm finished with my sentences
And now I'm fuckin pist
Kiss my fuckin ass better hope I never blast
I'm walkin in a path with an ax and a mask
Waitin for this drama to blow out of paportion
Record your fuckin murder play it back in slow motion
People were made to decorate graves


Two face mothafuckas like to yap
But never sleep at night
It's fools like me and Lil
That'll make your mind get brittle
What's the fuck is all of this I heard about me
It be some shit that I don't know
But you know that way shit travels
The way lips babble
Bitches open up their gaps like sluts
That got fuckin nuts
They be talkin out that ass now I'ma blast
Don't you back stab a fool that'll put your life on hold
I'm fuckin sick up in the mind I represent the 619
National City cops got
Me with a pistol pointed at my dome
They never leave my ass alone
So what the fuck am I to do when
I be rollin through the strip
When I get pulled over on Highland Avenue
All I wanted was some pussy
But fuck it I got to leave
I don't not want my shit impounded
All of a sudden I spots some fools
It's me they all surrounded
And I be straped and do not feel remoarse
I feel INSANE so I'ma bring you putos pain


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