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Hollow Point

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Hollow Point - Hollow point

Hollow Point
Hollow Point (Coming to get ya)

[Mr. Lil One]
Well let me just sick em, stick em
When they down kick em
Your boys wanna make noice pistol
Whip em all, shot's I call
Go ahead and stand up boom you fall
Down to the grave stone didy on
I got's more shit then a voice got tone
Put up your guard let me see you battle
Oh you can't now you wanna tattle
Tell and offend me wanna come tend me
Bring the law I got my slugs to defend me
It's sounds like a party bring the Bacardi
Drops more pigs then a morgues got bodies
Come and come and get some
Bodies let me wet some
Step to the Lil One and you get none
Blast real fast you know you won't last
The haunt is in the house, it's me so don't ask


I don't give a mad fuck when I'm rollin
Tu I be wipen off the map now I
Think you better run cause next to me stand the son
Of a double barrel shot gun the Lil One
He's my mothafuckin pedro together we be roll
We be strollin bullets I'm loadin
Fight man to man then your eye ball be swollin
Don't fuck around Hollow Point be controlin
You know I be down with that cuete I'm holdin
So fall to the ground with a mothafuckin hole in your brain
I shoot like John Wayne then I'm outty
Brown Skin mothafuckin loks that are rowdy
Step to the man face to face it doesn't matter what race
Now my bullets you'll taste
You'll swallow hollow points slug
When you fuck with these thugs
Now we got to spray you like bugs


[Mr. Lil One]
Well I'm a fuck it up now so I guess you better run son
What's the matter now did my gun catch your tongue
Creepin on the fools puttin em in a casket
Slam dunkin fools like a ball in a basket
You can never fade me huda never rade me
Clockin all the dough the fee straight pay me
So you can eat a dick up punk it's a stick up
Walk through my hood your goods you gotta give up
I'll smoke you and croak you choke you when I wanna
Never take me out if you do well then I'ma haunt ya
I see you've awaken tremblin and shaken
Comin after the reeper you life that I'm takin
Blast and assasin bust and capin
Silly mothafuckas I started way back in
So you better run before you get done
Lil One the mothafuckin loco with a gun


Fools keep comin around but end up on the ground
Hollow Points bad to the bone
I'm a stand like my boner big bullet doner
Mess with the man your lifes mine I'm the owner
Craniums I'm a rip in half then I'ma laugh
So mothafucka bring the rest of your staff
You need more then one to come close
Then I'ma kill all those who appose
Supposed to be better then me
But you know you can't fuck with
Cause you need more then luck with
To cope with a lok like me I'm OG
1-9 cero cuatro sureno des vatos
Simon yo te mato
When you try to get crazy with the man
Punk bitch on the run here I am
Lok and I'm ready to smoke all the weed
Little runt is about to get fuck like a cunt


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