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Hollow Point - I'll Be There

feat. Slush "The Villain"

[Slush "The Villain"]
I know you need me baby
I know you need me now
I know you need my thug love
Any where any how
So baby what don't you call me
And maybe I can be your Slush Papi
And you can be my Mami
I'll be there when you need thug love in your life
Baby your husband ain't gon be home
Let's hook up tonight
I'll be there at the spot 8:11 on dot
In my low 57 Chevy drop
But mia when I go pick you up
You best be ready for me
Wet dream fantasy become reality
No lie so when you slide let the ride set a side
Adore me by the the orgies multiply
Tellin me gettin me sayin it with your eyes
Makin it x-rated drinkin Allizey and gettin high
I fin to get next to you baby and flex with you
Body chemistry tellin me to have sex with you

[Chorus: Slush "The Villain"]
I'll be there when you need thug love in your life
Baby your husband ain't gon be home
Let's hook up tonight

I'll be there through it all
Like I said it's a booty call
Baby doll
Come and take a ride with me
And let me show you
What it feels like to be a women
When you feel the pain
Yell my mothafuckin name
Feel the trust as I bust nuts
All in you guts
And let you see what you would be
If it wasn't for me
Cause I'm the one
That made you feel like a lady
And now you're beggin me
To give you a baby
You want me to fuck you
Want me to suck you
But I'm not gonna stick you
Don't wanna dick you
I want somebody else
But the bitch got a man
When that fool goes to work
Time to fuck thats the plan
Is it Hotel Motel of Holiday Inn
All I wanna do
Is put my mothafuckin dick in,
Give you stick in
Til that shit get's finger lickin
Now just imagine when the orgasims kick in


[Slush "The Villain"]
To all them girls that used to diss me
Cryin cause they miss me
Now even if you had the chance
You couldn't kiss me
Remember when you wouldn't even talk to me
Like ducks goin south you gonna flock to me
Callin my papi straight jockin me and
Sayin Slush would you past the cock to me
But I'ma thug with no love
Baby I'm true to the city
Just bein able to say hi to me now
Be a privelage

You want me to make love to ya
You want me to do ya
You wanna be my girl so I can screw ya
You must have some money
I ain't try to get funny
That's what you need
If you wanna be my hunny
Let's get specific
You know that I'm terrific
Incredible and what I got for you
Is edible, taxin and climaxin
Til we drop
But it feels so good baby doll
Don't ever stop


[Knightowl: Talkin]
That's right baby (baby)
What you talkin bout (bout)
You want some of these fool (fool)
Why don't you let me
And my boy Slush "The Villain" (Villain)
Creep up to that window (window)
Hit them skins baby (baby)
Get them drawls down (down)
Get you doggie style (style)
Make you bark like a bitch
Know what I'm sayi

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