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Hollow Point - If lil really

[Mr. Lil One]
Where the party at
Let a mothafucka in
Never mind all the questions
And where the fuck I been
Fools in the back with their 45 gat
Trippin off the Little
When they hear the Little rap
Mr. Lil One be the one
All up in the vangs
I remain to be the one
Puttin shame up in your game
I explain it in a phrase
Show you all the many ways
See my rhymes are like krimes
But these rhymes of mine pays
I'ma stay up at the top
Puttin down for your block
And I'm even gettin props
From your moms and your pops
Clever like a fox
Got my vision on your moves
Many fools many clues
Need to learn how to lose
I refuse to be the one all up in the middle
And every where I got I hear em say
What's up Little
Evil like red and scary like dead
And everybody knows
Cause they heard it once said
I remember back growin up
Fools tried to gank me
Foes tried to shank me
And many tried to trap me
Now they comin at me
I laugh when they thank me
See all you mothafuckas
Know what my rank be
Analyze you dispise you
The lies you attempted to feed
But you couldn't read me
You're green like the weed me
You mothafuckas need me
Ever since I was brakin them laws
Hittin up walls in juvenile hall
Lost caught up in the system
I dissed em
Everyone knows that your life is a target
I fired and gored it I finished what you started
Reguarded the hardest
Even though I was the smallest
Lil One's loks what you call this
Youngsta never been a buster
Learned on my own
An arm in an arm never trust her so

Everybody wanna know if Lil really
Everybody wanna know what the dilly
Show you how I do every thing that I do
Sit and reminise evil thoughts about you

And you know this

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