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Hollow Point - What About These.....?

[Mr. Lile One: Talkin]
Yo, Yo check it out
It's Mr. Lil One
And I'm up here with my dog
Tequlote, Knightowl
Puttin it down for the 619
Cause we sick up in the mind
And if you didn't know
Well now you know

Now Satan's always playin games
Jokin with my brain
Tryin to penitrate me
Deep up in my vains
Askin me what city and what pity do I feel
Askin me how many mothafuckas keep it real
Still I got to wonder
Is it wrong for me to spy
What about that "Shadow"
In the corner of my eye
What about that fool the other day
With his death threats

[Devil's Voice]
Mothafuck em all
I've been followin his foot step

[Mr. Lil One]
What about the pain
That I'ma cause everybody

[Devil's Voice]
Mothafuck em all
And throw yourself a party

[Mr. Lil One]
Celebrate the ghost
That you given to the fire
Celebrate the wood
That added to the fire
Seems in dreams
We awake from these delimeas
Funny how these words
Scare the hell out of you beginers
Focus on the words
And watch who you trust
Ashes to ashes
And Dust to dust

[Chorus: Mr. Lil One]
Now what about these killas
Fuck em I kill em
And what about these G's
Fuck em I buck em
And what about these triggers
Fuck em pull em
Turn the fuck around
Best believe I'll execute em

Unpredicable thoughts
Hit the back of my scalp
Never no what mood I'll be in
When I have my fuckin mood swings
I might get violent and all of a sudden
Hit you in the back of the head
Until I see that ass drop dead
Incade your bones with lead
Some times I fuckin snap
For the fuck of it bust a cap
Take notes
Cause all the shit I say
Be full of qoutes
You be in danger
You can be a perfect stranger
Fool I don't give a fuck
It you I have got to buck
I get the urge to kill
And when I do it gives me statisfaction
No matter what I do
I like to be the main attraction
Makin fun of the pigs
They'll never catch me
Watch me keep on somin
You bitches keep on hopin
You gon become the one
That I hunt some day like dogs
I'll stick a knife up in them guts
Make decent women suck my nuts
I do not give a damn, respect nobody
Fuck everybody so I'ma challenge
Anybody thinkin they somebody


[Mr. Lil One]
Well I'm back from the dead
I hear these voices in my head
Tellin me remember

[Devil's Voice]
All of these pretenders

[Mr. Lil One]
They way you walk around
Like a nickel bag clown
Funny like your words

[Devil's Voice]
I heard that you found

[Mr. Lil One]
A way to double cross
All these fools that be closed to you

[Devil's Voice]
The reason that you're bitchy
You ain't doin what you're supposed to do

[Mr. Lil One]
I'm knowin what you claim
And I respect what you claim
But better belive
I'll put a fuckin X over your name
I know about the styles
And I know about the stelos
As my nigga Gelo
Yo mothafucka we know

[Devils' Voice]
The truth about what happened

[Mr. Lil One]
It's all about the rappin

[Devils' Voice]
You been around me much
You know about the cappin

[Mr. Lil One]
The reason that I do
Every thing that I do

[Devils' Voice]
I sit and reminise
Evil thoughts about you

[Mr. Lil One]
So do what you wanna
A mothafuck the drama
And pour a little liqour
For your baby momma


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