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Hollow Point - Where That F You From?

[Mr. Lil One: Talkin]
The only thing guaranteed in life
Is death

All you mothafuckas know
Show up lookin like the crow
With paint up on your face
And a double barrel
Think I'm going gat ya
Hear me when I ask ya
Where the FUCK your from fool
And then I fuckin blast ya

[Mr. Lil One]
Now 1 for the money
2 for the snitches
3 for my 6's
And 4 for my witches
Truth get's deleted
And you're guaranteed to read it
Or see it on the news
While some body cries the blues
Rainin many tears
While I'm drinkin many beers
Thinkin how I love
That mothafucka ain't here
Here the po-pos coming
Time for me to dash
Grab a hold of my rope
Put it a stash
Find me an area
See you wanna burry ya
All of this hysteria
Is gettin a little scarier
Mothafuckas know
Show up looking like the crow
With paint up on my face
Gettin ready for the chase
Catch another case
Bring the drama to your place
And pay you back a visit
Every single year
And show you who the fucks
Runnin all of this here
Mr. Lil One
With a mothafuckin M-1


[Mr. Lil One]
Homicide carrols unloadin from these barrels
"Mr. Rap Devil" still gots the bow and arrows
Havok to the maggots
Turn the Devil into a faggot
And all you mothafuckas
Wonder why I love to brag it
Consequences fatal
Only if you make em
A bargin with a plea
Give me 50 and I'll take em
Add another 16 plus another 6 (666)
If then maybe I won't be in the mix
Droppin the bombs let's all come along
If you wanna get ready to ride
Not knowin the way
I be rippin and trippin these fools
That be talking their lies
If you not knowin the way I be doin it
You better be knowin it now
It's that little mothafucka
So how you like me
Comin through up in the fog
In the smog is how I test you
I rescue you in my arms
In your palms I see the end
Never trust a man
A women friend
I hope that makes you think
Damn the Devil went pink

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