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Honors English - Priceless

feat. Khari Lemuel & Saunders Sermons II

[Hook: Khari Lemuel]
This is my life
And life is a picture
Inside a frame, you know
And I love it
These moments are priceless
Cause I've been through it
So when you hear me
Moments like this
Are priceless

[Verse 1: Honors English]
I quit rapping for six years
Scared they would never believe
But you better believe I done definitely unlocked them fears
And I see it was a prison made out of keys
Know that your dream's on the other side of your fears
Know hate is automatic, love's gotta be volunteered
Ever get a chance to be a legend, no second guessin'
Know the mind is an AK47
Raise your weapons it's a war out here, we need new ideas
I drop the top of mine, remove roof off ears, yeah
Usually they say they're not used to me
I just tell 'em I'm being more me than I used to be
These songs are like statues built for Honors E
No whack verses I'm building a wax version of me
Collectors edition, millionaireitis
I went to sleep expensive, woke up priceless


[Verse 2: Honors English]
Priceless is finding the purpose that you was born
It's like a song you never heard but always known
Seeing your child walk on his own
The girl you helped fly that was a phoenix turned, turned to stone
Priceless is my effort in this music shit
Wrote this song seven times, why the fuck am I doing this?
Papa said you need to be who you are
The world is yours it's like your house with no walls
I meditated 'til I undid my scars
My fuckin' blood is plugged into the stars
Therefore success is just a inside job
You never get to the riches that isn't already yours


[Verse 3: Honors English]
I was born to leap, uh
Them Jordan Concords can't afford my feet
Buy shit the crowd approves, anything to drown your views
Do surgery on your mouth to have your smile removed
Tell you what's valuable 'til it devalues you
But a million dollar lie can't buy back an ounce of truth
And this a Mount Rushmore to the fact
We are all priceless and powerful see that's what this amountin' to
This is State Of The Art
I'm perfecting every lyric until they last forever
Forget a failure this the rebirth of the golden era


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