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Horrorshow - Walk You Home - This Day

She said she don't believe in regrets
Well I regret to inform her that I do
Rainfall on a tin roof
Inside I sit and scribble a haiku
On the napkin that came inside of our takeaway thai food
It goes, our time is always, our season is all year round
This our secret for as long as we can keep it
The deepest of secrets that nobody knows
The root of the root, the bud of the bud and so it goes
And the lyrics of a thousand songs couldn't paint her picture
So beautiful, she had me from my first conversation with her
See nobody was ever as clever
And I still can't figure how they put her together
Sitting in the room where we first got lost in one another
Just tripping off the feeling of together we'd discovered
And I'm reminiscing on days past, escaping to Pearl
Before taking that whole and making it two halves
But it was scary to be even this close to a perfect fit
Close your eyes, I promise this won't hurt a bit
This is the kind of love that inspires the stuff I write my poems to
The kind of love you have to leave, just to come home to

You play with fire and you get burnt
For all the things that I have learnt
And I would love to walk you home
If not the one, then you're the first
For all the things that I have learnt
And I would love to be the one to walk you home

Now ain't it funny how the ones that you drag all the way through your hell
Are the same who can teach you how to touch heaven as well
And now it's out of order and we ought to know
You try to fit a square through a circle and it's flaws will show
And it's gone now, you wouldn't even know it was there
But you'd get lost tryna navigate the moments we've shared
Like when we held each other's hands and we said goodbye
Tears streaming out our eyes like somebody had died
Now it's the day after your birthday and it's pouring outside
And I'm catching arrow tips with my fingers down the phone line
See she broke my heart on the river
The trump played last gets the job done quicker
So I'm singing to my palindromic angel, held her too tightly
Wings got broken and the love got strangled
But I don't wanna hold you back girl, go fly
Conquer yourself, all the corners of the sky
But I hope that you are close by on the day that I leave this world
With hands held we can close our eyes and let the second hand go by
Cause I wouldn't wanna not say goodbye
Let you know that you touched my life
And whether I like it or not
I think a part of me will never give up this fight
Cause there's nothing like you and I
No, there's nothing like you and I
But it's getting late in the game now, outcome's uncertain
These are things that I needed to say before the curtain
So I wrote you the song that you deserve to let you know
You will always be my first and most wonderful love


[Solo: repeat to end]
And I would love to be the one to walk you home

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