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Horseshoe G.A.N.G. - Trust The Shoes

Yo if you got trust issues, trust the shoes
[?] nobody spit it better than us
We spit better than ever, trust

Y'all niggas better trust the shoes,
Fuck with me and I fuck with you
Y'all niggas better trust the shoes,
You hustle for your money, we hustle too
Circle gang, my teams in this bitch
Surgeon hands we clean as a bitch
Young mister lucci, life is a movie
Stick to the every last scene in the script
A nigga going in [?] zone out
A nigga [?] to that in zone out
That mean I get it in just when I touch down
I'm sitting in the [?]
And when I roll up, that window roll down
Pac-pac, I be on that gunplay shit
And when I'm in the [?] my [?] rolled down
I'm chilling with a vixen, a runway chick
You won't [?] you can trust issue with that
Cause I ain't never really had an issue with that
Fuck what you niggas say, every single one of you niggas gay
That's why you been trying to slip through the crack
I blow trees dawg, get my cold drink on
It may not be right, but it all seem wrong
Often the game, some don't belong
That's why you niggas career just don't belong

That's that shit that drive me crazy
Niggas talk shit from a mile away hey
Niggas know that I don't play
Brat, brat, brat's what the glock gonn' say
Never met a whip that got no grades
[?] looking half insane
[?] fast that whip that drives me crazy

I step up in this bitch to get fresh to death
[?] trust we bosses no need to second guess
Snatch your money until there's nothing left
Yeah, I be on that new shit for that [?]
You be on that new shit [?]

Your money is quite depressing
Just thinking of it's slightly stressing
They know we pay once [?]
And they hate to see us in the cut [?]
But I'm a get my glock, glock
Cause I really have no time to wait in line
You should invent a clock [?]
Since you're already know for wasting time

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
All y'all niggas in trouble
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Niggas wanna, niggas wanna love hoes
Niggas [?] niggas fuck hoes
[?] I just wanna, I just wanna touch dough
Nigga touchdown, and touch more dough
Niggas know, niggas know [?]
When I see the cops on the side
I throw a fucking cup [?]
Fuck when I come in the place, fuck what you say
Nigga got a gun in his waist
When it's [?] niggas running away [?]

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