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Hyjak N Torcha - Civilized World

feat. Lill Harris

[Intro: Torcha]
Yeah, yeah
Something I scribbled down a few years ago
Still relevant
Still there

[Verse 1: Torcha]
On the way home from work
Lady wouldn't give up her purse
They smashed her head in the gutter
Who could live so perverse?
Twisted minds, products of our civilization
Governments don't deal with problems
Thats their own creation
I'm tryin to sleep at night, I hear 24 hour sirens
Cops and ambulances, still they can't curb this violence
Cos its a part of this culture thats new to some
Go to any extreme in this view for the funds
Rich folks in the news shake their heads in disgust
Can't understand the state of mind some do anything for our crust
They created a lust for all thats material
Killers are serial
Which way they steering you?
Questions unanswered linger on my brain
Beggars asking for change, have you lost all ya shame?
Addicts in a constant panic will kill for a fix
While cops confiscate drugs they go and deal on the street
With attitudes like "I don't care if it don't affect me"
Don't need them to protect me, I live on my own laws
Respect me
Corruption runs rampant, so many already exposed
But why would they give up a line of steady cash flow?
I never liked them since the days they killed Sarcos
Still I give praise out there to the ones, that work their hardest
Whatever your profession
From accountant to drug sellin
You'll do anything for cash, I don't doubt it
Make confession

[Chorus: x2]
In this civilized world, you'll do anything for cash
Break n enter, rob, steal, kill, bash
In this civilized world, blue collars are true scholars
Crooks and the honest, don't slave for the dollars

[Verse 2: Torcha]
Lifes a slut, everydays just like a kick in the butt
I gotta carry so much weight I have to stick in my gut
Always tryin to keep up with Mr and Mrs Jones
Goin from movin grams to breakin into homes
I'm workin six days a week tired off my feet
Tryin to fuel this greed to make my life complete
Get something nice to eat
But I'm making change in the street
While politicians take bribes and arrange holiday retreats
At the expense of the tax payer
They control this land
Don't wanna pay restitution but hey they stole this land
What kind of example does that gives kids who learn history?
Who learn of the conquerors
Who let a race burn in misery
So if a crew wanna takes you on it maybe thats justified
Ya stole the generations laid em all with lies
Shit, people will do and say anything for a buck
Makes me feel fucked, not even wanna bring a child up
Its like
Everything is corrupt, nothing left to save me
We amped up with hatred, no respect to fakers
I know its depressing to hear
But I know, lesson this shit
No rest for us here
Stress is testing our fears
This Aussie dream gets pushed further away from us
Government plays with us
Can't afford a car so we stay in a bus
Can't afford medical, so we stayin in pain
Its hard playin a game
and pretending you sane and cope it
But really you choking with no option on who you voted
From propaganda we soak it
You've already chose it
Your brains already frozen
About to be micro-chipped
Who's life is this?
We better take notice and fight this

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Torcha]
Doper than seads
This maybe hard to believe
Your best mate, your own mother, maybe scarred from this greed
Your soul bleeds, as you watch your whole life fall apart
Your thirst for motivation block out all in your heart
The root of all evil
It don't care about people
Its the way to get power, it won't allow us to be equal
The more you get, the more you want
So you can flaunt
School kids need brand names so they don't cop no taunts
I'm try'na seperate my needs from my wants
But I need more cash to keep the lid in the comp
Dollars, professions, thrives
Taking tolls on their lives
Some do it to get high
Some have dollars rolled in their eyes
Life flies right past, man its hard to stay focussed
Even I can sell out but my parts to stay the dopest
Refused to be condemned to a life thats hopeless
I'd rather struggle through this world, live right
I've noticed people marry for the millions with no thought of the children
Dictators get rich off the sweat of innocent civilians
Businessmen sit on buildings of investment
Give two percent to charity; huh, I wonder where the rest went
They got enough to feed all those lying in famine
How could they be so heartless?
Man this should be examined
But I don't judge anyone, that they'll be soon
The almighty one under your wealth you might already be doomed

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: Chorus with singing variation]

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