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Hyjak N Torcha - Test

feat. Kye, Bliss N Eso

[Chorus: Kye]
MC's wanted a test
And when they do we lay'em all to rest
Stuck up on this train of thought
We like to move with our heads held high always connecting live
MC's wanted to test
And when they do we lay'em all to rest
Cos I ain't see no matter of fact
We straight spitten at these poison lines for we infiltrate rhymes

[Verse 1: Hyjak]
Before I check the mic
I bless it with pesticide
Thanks for tryin, test the rhyme
Be laid to rest while I wreck the next in line
They yet to find getting shaky and nervous
I turn faces red like we'll playin skirmish
Merciless city's nurser this
Don't wanna test the skills
Yes it's ill you best to chill
Or get the test that kills
It's over with, most pretend to pose a threat
Can't cope with the facts that Jak who don't exist
Forget battling Casper The Ghost I'd rather smoke this spliff
In the casino with sulsa dip beating poker chips
Obnoxious kids keep poppin shit
And I'mma do the helicopter
Turn this hip hop gig into a mosh pit
Play soccer with their ribs, watch this
Move and propeller proves that whoever starts crossing this
Line of fire, a live wire when I rock rhymes
Tryna stop mine?
You in the wrong place, the wrong time

[Chorus: Kye]

[Verse 2: Eso]
Congratulations (good evening), welcome to the woods
Where the magic takes place between a fellowship of hoods
Poetry thats pure and you can tell our shits the goods
So underground you wouldn't sell it if you could
I'm that lyricist your parents warned you about
That sound that got you tearin down the walls in your house
So if you come to a live show
I'm the brother with a bundle of hydro
That have you go lucky, come with his eyes closed
And each bum booderhead(??) who'se figured it out
Out there in the world while you sit on the couch
My rhymes are fly like I live in the clouds
Thats why my presence is a permament dick in your mouth
It's Eso (hell yeh)
Your local fucking nutter
When I spit my shit I blow the fucking club up
I base jumped a build when no man wills
You must be trippin if you thinkin Sydney don't have skills

[Chorus: Kye]

[Verse 3: Bliss]
Trudging with mud high, jacking off coffin lids
A midnight grave robber following government prints
Holding a torch watched by silent gnomes
Looking for bling bling, all I got was a pile of bones
These are violent poems, lets fly back to my island home
Muds pissing in bottles and Jak's high getting the pilot stoned
Oh shit I'm just flirting with freedom
It's got me lurking this evening for some purpose and meaning
Not just these birds that I'm freaking
Leaving them chirping and squeaking
It's for the person thats dreaming
Seeking the words that I'm speaking
Now when he heard them he was shocked and dead still
He said he felt like Neo he had popped the red pill
So rap is a product to make a mil when your sellin it
To a land of consumers where skill is irrelevant
So come chill with my regiment, the big witty force
I'm with the underground resistance of Sin City Orphanage

[Verse 4: Torcha]
I rap on the weekend the battle was decent
But see when MC's test I get rattled and see red
Smack a contestant with the mic 'til the batteries dead
See if I lose I still remain undefeated
"We've had better punches" I don't believe it
Cos if you did the kid wouldn't be down bleeding
Breathe in (relax torch) I'm just sick of your joint
Roaming unhyped just like Sydney with no Centre Point
I inject the true cerumen if you stuck in dilerium
Your probably the one contestant who wanted to fuck Merriam
A recovering alco back on the beer again
Just the MC's who test I put that fear in them

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