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Hyper Crush - 747

What, okay

Get dressed, wear the best with some jewelery
Pay attention and I show you how to do it, see
I got a necklace and it's plated with aluminum
SO if I lose it then I'm losin' somethin' stupid, um
Listen up I'm gonna teach you how to rock a beat
You hear the beat. This is me.
And I'm droppin' heat
I fucked around and got arrested for lookin' great
Can you believe it? I'm conceited. Now look away

Movin' on a track, mo-movin' on a track [x4]

We do it big like a 747, oh
We get hot (in a 747?) oh
This how I live in a 747, oh
Doin' tricks (in a 747?) oh

I'm the dude
So that's what you call me...
You know?
Uh, that or, uh...

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