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I-20 - God's Plan

feat. J. Serious

[Hook x2: I-20]
I been down this road but wasn't truly feeling safe
I been down and out but never thought of losing faith
I know he walking with me, I hear him talking with me
It's out of my hands now, this is God's plan

[Verse 1:]
And if I'm almost gone, tell em that my hope is strong
I'll be running too him welcome me with open arms
Broken promises have truly thought I'm in defense
Which are the only one that ever knew how much it meant
I wish music was my passion to the very end
It was the window to my soul and you were peaking in
I never had a second chance I wasn't planning for it
That's why it's hard to let it go and get a handle on it
I just want a chance to rap not be a back-up man
But I don't wanna be a stat I have a back-up plan
I'm just hoping I can rhyme so I can make a mends
If they just open up they minds and let a nigga in
They say you practice what'chu preach I'm in a different class
You see I'm speaking what'chu teach and walk a different path
This is the meaning of my life and I can be the spark
So I can finally see the light and I can leave the dark

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]
But ain't no rushing getting there so tell em save a place
There's just food for the soul just gotta say my grace
But I ain't try'na see the pain that's on my mother face
If I gotta lead before I'm thinking what a waste
I know it's meant for me to do it I just make the case
There's always room for some improvement I just make the space
That's why I'm writing for my heart and try'na make it last
Put my problems down a paper y'all just do the math
There's a war within my conscience and I fight about it
That's why I think before I speak it and I write about it
And I won't lie about it, just needed motivation
And I can't cry about it, just need a lil patience
So I'm exercise, not over annualizing
All of you understand and never under minded
But I ain't try'na preach or either make a scripture of it
This is my masterpiece and I will paint a picture of it

[Bridge x2: J. Serious]
Angels keep whispering you're too close to the edge
The demons is trying to drag me off the edge
Father forgive me I'm trying to keep my head
But I wanna say yes, I wanna say yes

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