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I-20 - Oh No

feat. Ro Spit & Fat Ray

[Verse 1: I-20]
Rock-a-bye nigga, boat his ass in a deep slumber
Glock 40 on me, that's my motherfuckin sleep number
Rap's Wayne Brady, I don't wanna have to choke a bitch
Life's a gamble and you fuckin with my poker chips
Dealer spit kush shawty, go ahead and talk a hit
Bust a bunch of white on her face on some Joker shit
It's the grind ain't it (yeah) it's the shine ain't it (yeah)
If money talks then these niggas using sign language
Cause I ain't hearing em, tell em they should give it up
Ball on these niggas, I won't even lift my pivot foot
Yeah it's time to celebrate, go ahead and live it up
Blowing money celibate that mean Ion't giva fuck
It ain't a thang to me, spending change to me
Put in a lame less terms, you are a lame to me
Ain't no change in me guess this is the way I am
Part of the game to me, so I don't game plan

[Hook x2: I-20]
Born into this life dawg so I'm a make the most of it
Love the way I'm living bitch so I'm a make a toast to it
We out here selling weight, y'all don't know the rest of it
And so we celebrate and try to make the best of it

[Verse 2: Ro Spit]
I'm in the VIP with the sparklers and the baddest bitches
The lights you seeing that's behind them just camera's clicking
If my mouth shoot the shit words is ammunition
Soon as you think you caught the flow then uh oh the pattern switches
Statusstion what they call me I'm just doing numbers
Clumsy shit the way I drop bands call it bloops and blunders
... that's great, that's just due the hunger
I roll with lions and tigers I came up through the jungle
Yack nigga yeah I started back in last place
With the intension to get us up out this rat race
Now 2 R's one L's what the tag say
You clowning niggas you would think I was in black face
Case in point we'll taking money like we case the joint
And the bullets land exactly where the laser point
Now every song I'm on I get a call like that's my favourite joint
I'm of the people for the people blessed to be who they anote

[Hook x2: I-20]

[Verse 3: Fat Ray]
99 nigga, you sleeping on my high shit
30 racks nigga, I'm married to this block shit
Fisher price nigga, toys in the cockpit
Working with the keys like a muhfuckin locksmith
I do a lot of math cause I'm into counting cash
I was on the Ave before you fell out'cha momma ass
You lil lying ass niggas need a polygraph
For a full clip put em in that full body cast
I make the work work, like a subplotty class
Do it for my niggas locked up like Johnny Cash
This a toast we celebrating my goons
My real niggas go wild in the child room
Try to make the best of it; they don't know the rest of it
They don't know the stresses of being under arrest cousin
They can't stop the crew, blue flame out the booth
My advice change a nigga life like Doctor Drew

[Hook x2: I-20]

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