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I-20 - The Reason

[Talking: I-20]
I'm sayin' it was like
Namsayin' nigga was talking to me like he reinvented the wheel and shit, like
First nigga to ever doin' this shit like
Foreal nigga, check your resume nigga

[Verse 1:]
I'm so fly, I am soaring I stay touring you can't stand em
They say Bobby goin ham, ridin foreign down on Hammond
We stay planning, we stay scheming, we stay grinding while you hate it
Man that boy be getting green you swear he gamble radiated
I'm so thankful that I made it, line me up but you can't fade it
You a solider I'm the general and so well decorated
I'm in Cali in the Valley with some bitches watching pornos
I'm a killer, I'm a dealer, I'm a monster I'm immortal
See the truth is I'm the truth, I make money not excuses
Eazy-E I go raw, till it kills me I'm so ruthless
Throw them dueces cause it's useless, you ain't fuckin with me potna
You a nuisance I'm in Conbo throwing pesos like it's nodda
So why you cop another ounce, I am making large amounts
Somewhere out in France eating something I cannot pronouns
Once the pressure start to mount, you goin see who start to bounce
Now ain't a bitch or mogul... where it really counts

[Hook: x2]
I'm the reason that these niggas getting paper now
And I'm the reason why y'all all heard of Decatur now
And I'm the reason why you cop them birds and let em fly
And I'm the reason why this southern shit'll never die

[Verse 2:]
Bitches I'm back at it, we got racks and you above it
They spit dealer spitting crack, you an addict just a junky
I am bruckin', I am leanin', what I'm whipping is exotic
I'm with Poppy goin shopping you just copping a new product
If you want it know I got it buy the bundle or a single
I am married to this money you won't get a chance to mingle
Motherfuck you if you doubt me, I'm on five you can't counts me
See you're thinking is to shallow, you won't get a chance to drown me
Keep these bitches out here fiending, throwing pants as if they open
Tell them fix they self-esteem, cause I'm smashing if it's broken
Yeah we smoking presidential, and election is not needed
Y'all just mirror my reflection I'll believe it when I see it
They need it so I feed it, serve it to yo did
Till they sneek inside they brain let them wash it and repeat it
I'm the reason for the season and the gift that keeps on giving
You a pray to live forever if you live it how I'm living, nigga

[Hook x2]

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