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Knightowl - Mom's Wicked Ol' Son

West side up in this mothafucka
Knightowl's up in this bitch
Got my dawg next to me EMP
Ya'll can't fuck with us
Ya'll might try
But yall mothafuckas gonna that
Cause you won't suceed
Mothafuckas you'll bleed

What fuck you want to press your luck
You bout to die fool, you can compete
With this mothafucka from the street
I be that fool that you won't want to be
Live like some day but you'll won't get the time of day
The fuckin Knightowl simon, be the mas chingon
Ladies all surround me when I be rolling Diego County
I make the money got the bitches
A cuete for the snitches
Them other local rapper couldn't spit this
Cause I be on top of the game like a fool they call Snoop
But I would never fly out the coop
I'm that loco all in the mente
Look at you through my lente
Gettin zeros cause the way I move the gente
Moras get excited this vato gets invited
The dopest of them all here bitch sit on my dick and ride it
Cause I'm a give of them hoes satisfaction
True to the mothafuckin blue levas fuck you

Fools that try they all got a die
Fuck around and catch a mothafuckin bullet it your eye
Never mess with the one mom's wicked ol son
Leave that has full of pain with some holes in your brain

Once again I'm back fools
It's time for you to take a seat
It's time to buck on em
Brought the homicide on em
You pulled shit out your pocket
And started fuckin dumpin
You must of hit a nerve as I puffed on the herb
I started sweatin then my eyes rolls back
Shit started gettin black and I was nervous god damn
It's turns out to be my fuckin end
As I passed out I blacked out and now I'm in a hospital bed
Half way dead, I got my homies next to me
Talkin but you better wake up cause we got to get those fools
That did what did but now I do what I must do
I'm freshly pick out the comma
It's your ass that's bout to be a gonner
You messed around with the wrong bald headed thug
Now that ass got's to take a fuckin slug ese
Cause now I'm back on my feet
And all that I want is revenge mothafucka
You's a dead mothafucka


Somebody's knockin on my door with a bandana on his face
Then spot some more bald headed fools behind a bush
I got to get my shit cause what's about to take place be murder
I got to smoke the fuckin vato I don't play
One climbin through my window, he got lit up like indow
Before I shot him grab his knife a stuckin in throat
The other mothafucka's already inside my pad
Walkin towards the room but he's about to die fuckin soon
Little did he fuckin know he was gonna make the front page
This bald headed fool got's guage
Ready to buck cause I don't give a fuck
You want to disrespect my home
Punk mothafucka now it's on
Now there's one fuckin bitch left
He got's a mask on
Black fuckin gloves and he throwin up the fuck dub
I never tought that I would see the day
Cause of jelousy my own fuckin dawg wanted to murder me


That's right mothafuckas, I'm back
Doin all that kind of shit
You mothafuckas wish you be able to do
But you can't
So get off my fuckin dick fool
All you fuckin punk bitches talkin about The Knightowl
Yappin, sayin ya'll gonna get me
I'll smoke you

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