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Knightowl - Who's The Baddest Of Them All текст песни

[Devil's Voice]
You are now in the presence
Of a real "G"
Affiliated with straight up murders
Theifs and every thing else you can
Think of
My son you are now unleashed
To punish and terrorize them fools
That have done you wrong
Yeah, now what's up
You stupid bitches

Don't be buggin or it's you that I'll be muggin
I'm comin out that 619
That evil westcoast dungeon
Clouds of smoke out this fuckin pipe I'm holdin
It'll be your wallet and your life
That just got stolen
It wouldn't have been prevented
I'm the animal that sented
You was talkin shit
Now that fuckin chest got dented
I know that I'm demented
Nobody's bad enough to stop
I'm ready to put you
Inside a grave if you misbhave
I be that mothafuckin fool
From the old school
Way back I got back
Like a drugie hooked on crack
You wanted to be like me
But failed you got nailed
Inside of a box like Jack
So where you at
With worms crawlin
All inside your system
Another fool that I gotta buck
Yes I dismissed him
Cause you were nothing
But a bitch
My finger had an itch
I'm hangin mothafuckas
From the Corrinado Bridge

Mirror Mirror upon that wall
Who's the baddest of them all

[Devil's Voice]
Well it's you my son
You be that evil mothafucka
That dwells in the depths of hell
You must rebell

Sick just like a dick with herpes
I got more flavors then slurpee's
On my way to go commit
Another fuckin hit
I be that gut ripper
Spreadin your insides like a rumor
Killin mothafuckas like a brain tumor
I got them 38 slugs dipped in garlic
Come fuck around and
Get some holes in your clothes
Everybody panics like nervous bitch in heat
If you don't like the shit I do
Let's take it to the streets
Open wide and let this gat
Commence the blast [Buck Buck]
I don't mess around
Cause I don't fuck around
I got a round this chrome barretta
I fed a mothafucka lead
Now he's Mr. Pibb
So prehisotric just like Fred
Family members rush me
Trying to save that puto's life
Now there's a black fuckin
Widow that be his wife
Live alone and feel the pain
Don't battle this insane
Knightowl never bluffs
This bald headed only snuffs


MC's best run for their lives
Cause I'ma take it
When they try and fuck around
Punk bitches hit the ground
Them streets get full of violence
I keep handin out caskets
I got em leapin
Like if they were doin gymnastics
By force lifes got to get took
I read that ass just like a book
Now you be that mothafucka
That got shook
A meat hook to the pelvis
Now you be dead like Elvis
Got smoked you provoked
This bald headed bandit
Attencion medica
Para todas las chavalas
Traigos las valas
Son vien malas
Para las cara
Que a mi medieron la espalda
Como sombras que persigen
En mi cara lla no viven
Cause you be fake
Just like bitches nails
You're twised like a pretzel
The day I shot your ass like Drew
Like Bledsoe
First blood like Stalone
Pop that ass like corn
It is you they mourn
So go and meet tha man
With the mothafuckin horns


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