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Kno - La Petite Mort (Come Die With Me) текст песни

[Verse 1: Kno]
I am ten toes down
To leave you ten toes up
In a hearse with the windows up
Belly up off that cheap wine
Kick the bucket seats back
Recline while we decline
You have the hand of Antigone
I can see it in your jeans (genes)
You have suicidal tendencies
And this might be the end of me
Cus it's a rough route watching you get rubbed out
Til' the suns out
But damnit
If I have a hand in it can it still pass for abstinence?
Passive masochist, pushin your faith aside
As I take your thighs on a ride to the great divide
Face the sky innocent sinner
While I guide your Little Man in the Boat
Across the Styx River
Your body quivers beautifully
As Jodeci sings the eulogy

[Verse 2: Kno]
An eye for an eye so we're bound the same
The candle's lit and now you're going down in flames
To rise like a Phoenix, the sound remains
And rigor mortis sets in
Now I'm your best friend
My destiny's with Persephone
So it's only right you get the best of me
Or what's left of me
Rest in peace to the lifeless
Closed casket, You don't want your fam to see you like this
Your body fights in a desperate act of self-preservation
Gettin off at your Final Destination
Respiration is strained, take your last breath
As we exchange these Faces of Death
Come on.

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