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Kno - Spread Your Wings текст песни

feat. Deacon the Villain

[Verse 1: Deacon The Villain]
I claim to be a man of faith, I told her from the start
A shame to say she has my heart and still I won't depart
My art, it got me 'tween a rock and a brick wall
And my journey to her's feelin like a game of Pitfall
And all she wanna do is study english, law and history
And I'm a mystery, a life with me's like a gypsy
But I ain't Nipsey, I can't Hussle in the West
Cause the South is in my chest, and I don't wanna fly it's nest
Lord, I'm young, gifted and black
Thanks for that, but help me sift through the facts, please
With her on my team I'm feelin like a King
Findin' comfort in her Heat and we just want a couple rings
But the thing? the throne's in my old Kentucky home and
It need me more than us, I can feel it in our tone
We ain't ready for the leap, maybe one day we'll be grown
And step outside our comfort zone

[Verse 2: Kno]
You the apple of my eye before the seed was planted
Proceed to vanish before I could even see the damage
Beneath a sea of Zanax
She provide the X, I provide the Y
But why did she concede to panic?
The plea that she demanded
To her it seemed so even-handed
I seen no advantage and so I'm screamin damnit
Wish you could see Atlanta
Wish you could see your Nana
Wish you could see that I believed that we should be together
But I did not protect you
Cus I did not correct her
I learned a lesson that I guess I didn't earn your presence
Concern was ever-present
If I could turn back the hands of time I'd return to find her on the 11th
The day she seen the premise
That if she left the clinic premises without your essence
She'd relieve her stresses
See we agreed that it's a woman's preference
But if she loved me she'd have second-guessed it
And now I keep sayin

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