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Kno - They Told Me

feat. Deacon the Villain

[Verse 1: Kno]
(They told me) it might take my whole life
To absorb what was right
Or ignore it to fight
For these whores in these tights
Or these boardroom types telling me that I might
Need to pour my whole life
Into chores I dislike
For the right to recite
How much money that I got
How much money that I'm not
Gonna make
If I take
Leap of faith
Will I make
Decent wage?
Prolly not
But I'm not
Gonna stop
Gonna do it for my pops
Til they choke me off with a knot
And pop me off in a box
And drop me off at a plot
And top me off with a rock
My body is gonna rot

(They told me) that I'll soon see the light
If I like it or not
That's the icing on top of the birthday cake that is baked
For a tot
So he's taught
To count the days til he drops

[Verse 2: Deacon The Villain]
(They told me) not to fear living for eternity
But, not even Heaven seemed pleasant it was burning me
Raised with peasants in the crescents we were shadows
When reality television was watching adults
And, throughout the comedy was drama and alot of pain
And that sentence it would run on 'til the comma came
Until the eulogy and usually my mama sang
About the pheasants and presence we no longer claim
(They told me) that Heaven is forever
But at times I'd find myself thinkin' I'd rather never
Lived, I mean, my life was like a dream
I had everything I wanted but, that ain't all it seems
For... all the time in the world
Live eternal in inferno or in Eden with the squirrels
No brainer, it's that, I was feeling like Lestat,
And the thought of forevermore was feeling like a trap
All it brought, was more of the same, people in flames
A reality television channel that never changes
Lost in the confusion of 7 billion strangers
Scared to hope Heaven won't have a touch of the same

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