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Kno - When I Was Young текст песни

feat. Natti & Substantial

[Verse 1: Natti]
Father figured he didn't wanna be a figure no more
But mama made sure as a kid I'd never knew we was poor
No worries about the bills and all the rigmarole
The food stamps were paper and they spent in the store
If the Kool-Aid was sweet then so was my life
And the life my friends lived was of a similar type
But as Mike Jack's face changed so did my needs
Let the Osh Kosh be gone now I needed some Lees
And when I fucked em' up she ironed patches on knees
And if it didn't bother her it wasn't bothering me
I thought cartoons came through the TV for free
But now that I'm grown I know every fee
And think back to how strong she had to be
Cus I was into everything like vitamin C
And I thought it was unlikely to come back to bite me
Til the Lord blessed me with a son just like me

[Verse 2: Kno]
Those holes in my clothes, didn't think nothin of it
Huh, fuck ya'll we was broke and I loved it
Nothing but hopes and dreams off in the cupboard
Fresh baked humble pie, throw it in the oven
Income been much lower than the others
Grandmas boy cus I didn't know my mother
Didn't know my father, at least not sober
Forgive and forget though, now that it's over
And now that I'm older, I look at the past like
Rich folks look at dashboard cams on a Rover
Tryina back up like data on ya Motorola
While I'm dialin up the past
Living in the present like a puppy in a box
The Best I Ever Had was my stomach tied in knots
Hopin that my pops copped me some folded socks
And brand new draws, thanks Santa Claus, aw

[Verse 3: Substantial]
First it was all about Anime, Kung Fu, Hide & Go Get It
Anything's possible the sky's no limit
Plan to be an MC athlete and architect
So you could see a player in the building cold rockin' it
See me copping shit like comics & cards
Long before I rocked watches times was hard
Before I had to find a job or been places
I was 11 pounds 10 ounces, Glenn Davis
'Fore I saw pops being put in a grave
I had broken heart before I murmured a phrase
Had my first fight
Grabbed my first mic
Before my man Ti said "Dag that verse tight! "
Like LL I grew to be bigger and deffer
No frontin' I'm Ben Button I only get better
Made hand me down sweaters look sharp as cheddar
A shame that them days didn't last forever!

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