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Knoc-Turn'al - War текст песни

feat. Slip Capone

Fear no man or no motherfucking clan nigga, ha
Fear no mob
Fear nothing but God
Ya know I walk through the shadows and ride through the valley of death
I will fear not because I am evil

[Knoc-Turn'al: x4]
It's like a jungle sometimes
It makes me wonder how I keep from going under

[Slip Capone:]
I thought we declared peace in the Middle East
How the fuck we got beef in the Middle East
Nigga, this isnt a terrorist threat
It's a motherfucking promise you will never forget
I'm a send the statue of liberty back to France in a body bag
Broke it in half you fucking fag

Introduce you to this mack, come on meet this A.K
Whatever gun I got at hand I'm gon' spray

[Chorus: Knoc-Turn'al]
I'm a live my life
However I want to
I'm a hustle day and night
However I want to
I'm a stay on the grind
However I want to
I'm a keep getting mine
However I want to
Spend money on the trip
However I want to
Make the six-tray dip
However I want to
I'm a fuck that bitch
However I want to
I'm a keep getting rich
However I want to

I don't respect presidents unless he dead
They can feed my wife and daughter and keep the homies fed
Stay on top of game and dodge the feds
No bullshit involved, no politics
I put in work while you pop your lips
I ride for this, a soldier in this bitch, nigga

[Slip Capone:]
You can tell G. Dubya Bush
That he need to get some head and smoke some cush


[Iraq war news report excerpts]

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