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Kool Keith - Animals In The Projects текст песни

[Kool Keith: voice lowered]
Busta gon' always make that good club jam
But I'ma make bitches and niggaz excited, get gross on the toilet
Chicks catch a relapse, drop them hamburgs
Shit out that pork and ham
Once quite marketable meats distributed all fuckin up with Bill Graham
Watch you clam, close up, fish go up your nostrils
I pull the gates, down
Fix up my nose
The barbershopper clocked
The crowd strut when I turn around with the leather goosedown
and shit on your haircut
Paint your asshole with my cum on the airbrush
Fuck weed embalming fluid breathe
The contact's from the air dust
Y'all was steppin to gorilla shit, see that gorilla spit
Wipe that suit defecation, on your pave fist
Turn your back on your glass, V.I.P. stain I piss in your Crist'
With dog shit around both of your wrists
You might not expect a turd in your birthday gift
V-neck velour like Will H, throw out you pluck bastards I deal
Four great danes and a afghan, chew on your custom seats
Flow on psychiatric, I hear y'all rappin
Candy-coated watered down gay producer shit man take off them panties
Your bitch rock a bra that don't fit
with them tits that's covered that's counterfeit
You must come with a prescription I'm over-the-counter shit
Ox tables
Three a day keep the monkeys climbin
Your bitch orderin sneakers out of East Bay
The volcano dunk low pros
For fashion week chimpanzee, coke down to the floor
Antony Graham projects late at night
The alligator's in my apartment, two doors down fuckin tenants
You hear the lion roar (RAWWWWWWWWR)
Hippopotamus owner two flights up named Brian Graw
Suck your dime's asshole with a milkshake straw
Let the milkshake pour like, the Bang Brothers calm productions
DVD spin New York bitches lookin for a husband
They eat up a cow's ass! With dairy products
I'd rather spank it up and hit it from the back
Three hundred billion invested in amateur fuckin
Answer your phone son of a bitch, I'm still here
Drinkin tonic water on the rocks with Mitchski
I see girls they pony ride, bendin they legs like Trixie
A lot of shit stains need repair
Yellow work hat, I'm doin your job slob
New Jersey transit and New York subway system can't fix me

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