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Kool Keith - Operation Extortion

I'ma cancel all the studios, I'ma find you in New York
You fucked it up for everybody
When I see you I'ma punch you in your fuckin face
You and that other faggot ass nigga that rap witchu
I'ma catch you (?) Ensoniq or Platinum Factory
I know you be in fuckin Chung King
I'ma search around motherfuckin D&D

[Kool Keith]
Fuck you nigga, criticizin my shit, talkin behind my back
Youse a weak nigga, don't speak nigga, face the trigger
What you know about my shit?
Why you reviewin it, why you ratin it? You fuckin hatin it
Backpack ass nigga, how you figure?
Fuck a cypher, I get live on your favorite ass corny ass niggaz
I'm a survivor, no village ass shit
Motherfuckers walkin around tryin to be Bob Marley and Lenny Kravitz
That scarf shit around everybody's head is for faggots
Get on stage I throw lettuce and cabbage
You fuckin with bad habits
Run up on you like 10 Puerto Ricans gettin out a fuckin Chevrolet
I don't play, fuck your bodyguard Big Rae
I chop your hands off and throw your fuckin fingers in the ashtray
Dead-end, no backup, comin down to one-way

[Chorus: Kool Keith]

Operation.. extortion [x4]

[Kool Keith]
Why you curse so much nigga? Fuck you, duck you
loadin this motherfuckin tec up, there's a lot of things I must do
click up, shut the fuck up, bukka, bukka, bukka
Fake-ass cast, counterfeit bitch-ass
I'ma see how long that choreographer dance shit last
Make you take the CD's out the shelf
Come to your record release party, show you some shit
and make you piss on yourself
No guest list, I better get past this
type of motherfucker to wait outside the club
for your black dumb-asses, I'ma have a contest
See which bitch-ass nigga get in they car the fastest
Strongarm your bodyguards with armed freebase smokers in a stolen Dodge
Pour gasoline down your shirt in the car garage
Yo black burn this nigga
Watch how Kentucky Fried I turn this nigga
Watch you sizzle like a well done (?) Frank
That's what you get for fuckin with Hank
Give all your fuckin credit cards, niggaz with ski masks
took your mink coats at Chemical Bank
Visa America take this shit fill up the gas tank
I told y'all I was gon' slap that motherfucker
and baseball bat that motherfucker
Your man with his bullshit mixtape ran out Hot 97 like a sucker
I'ma send a crackhead that needs money bad
at least to get one of you motherfuckers
You owe me for damage
I know a Dominican that's ready to stab your fuckin manager
Catch a homicide and catch a Greyhound bus out to Canada


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