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Kool Keith - Professional Photographer текст песни

[Kool Keith:]
Honey what's up, this is Kool Keith
Gonna take you on vacation
Get your bags ready, I'll call you in 2 hours

Baby you look good under the tripod, directors we work hard
Edit your film, every angle like elegant angel, great shot
Hold your pose, honey be professional
Watch your earrings dangle for the camera, hold it right there
You got the answer
As Tina Turner would say tonight you're my "Private Dancer"
On the premises properly, I deal with models
Like three-part harmony, with skill like Debrye
Hair cover the side of your face
I get to see just a little more from the back side
Show me one of your eyes, the professional photographer

Professional photographer, professional [x2]

I'm beyond you changin your clothes
Put this mask on, c'mere Catwoman, take that off, climb into those
Now you an action figure with boots up to your hips
With a Halle Berry haircut with light green over your eyelashes
I wanna see how you pose
It depends on the perfect outfit and how much you expose
My perfect Hollywood grand prize star, the deal, we gotta get it closed
Cindy put a little extra makeup on her nose
Scars we cover, that's a cute tattoo, everything goes
Move the sparkle shorts a little honey
It's better when everything shows... the professional photographer

Professional photographer, professional [x2]

Hold your face, c'mon show me your confidence
Relax you don't have real tits
Your blouse look hot, it's magnified
Jim give me her black and white prints
I love those panties girl, where you get those?
Red and white your tassles, that show on the side, with lil' peppermints
FHM's greatest, a sensational hit, you're the latest
To the public you're awesome, how can I explain this?
The portrait is a winner, we gotta do somethin with that
I love it give me a little more body, turn to the side and twist
I can see it comin, magazines everywhere
Start signin autographs right now miss, the professional photographer

Professional photographer, professional [x2]

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