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Kool Keith - Running For Congress

[Kool Keith: slowed down]
The Commi$$ioner
The motherfuckin Commi$$ioner
I'm detrimental to your house like a restaurant
with rat turds on the shelf from sacramental down to the delf
Niggaz like y'all scared of the dark, I told you
You won't close the door and grab a roll of shit by yourself
And blaze your asshole with two logs of fire
when you spit by yourself, no hiccups and belches
Just grape juice from Welch's, the brand heat up
On your ass like a horse you felt this
like the bump over your eye become a cyst
Everybody in the vocal booth with a chain around they neck
watch on they arm is on my shitlist
I send a gorilla to put his cock up your ass
You don't forget this
Your favorite top MC carry my dick when I piss
It's not the mic stand goin up your nose, it's the dris
The public, the lesbians got to kiss

[Chorus: Kool Keith - normal; or as normal as he gets]
Super Don chron'
Do what you want, fuck it
Super Don chron'
Do what you want, FUCK IT!
Super Don chron'
Do what you want, FUCK IT~!

[Kool Keith: slowed down]
Nigga I called this rhymin exercise
The city think you're good, but I'ma shit in your eyes
Wipe my ass with your face
I hope your fanbase don't be surprised when I shock ya bastard
With my Sean John shirt, true we big as your girl's stomach
That's me walkin around lookin like Puffy with a mohawk
These guys comin with that bullshit
I'm in and out, back and forth, shut the fuck up
Close the door behind you make up your mind
I don't wanna hear that no talk
That cartoon shit you spit that clogged the city of New York
Yes man, hover when you pop a cork
With a stage set that's top 16 written by Mindy & Mork
Tennis racket niggaz don't need to fuck with this rap sport
I'm closer than you think, buttcrack in the telescope
Get your picture off the result
MC's better practice they shit cause I'm hella dope


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