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Kool Keith - Same Sound текст песни

We built the robot, called Voltron
Who will replace the music industry in ten years
We're working on him right now

Everybody sound the same
Everybody rap the same
Everybody sound the same
Everybody rap the same

[Kool Keith]
I got 7 million Bentleys, two thousand Range Rovers
8 Jaguars designed up, 600 million ladies lined up
Shoes with built-in air conditioner
All 48 Mack trucks parked in position
Credit cards by the pages
You can't stop the helicopter and baller stages
I take care of adults
Send 20 thousand grants to kids all ages
10 grand pianoes, my TV show's The Sopranos
800 acres of free land
With a custom made zoo don't touch the animals
Bathroom toilet, and bathtub with diamond handles
8,000 flights a year
Send the women to El Salvador first class tickets to come over here


[Kool Keith]
22 Porsches in front of 7 gas stations I own
Give every girl a New York a cellular phone
Interstate highway controller 22 thousand cars on the freeway
Co-signer by myself, under me one owner
800 thousand in charity, to the Red Cross and blood donors
Diamonds on my shoe soles
Bears and sheepskins, hunters make my coats from Polars
Support women, give 'em section 8 loyalty
With 50 thousand baby strollers
Send private jets out every 5 seconds to pick up high rollers
Milk containers with my name on 'em
Washing machines with my embrodiery and fame on 'em
Who could stop me?


[Kool Keith]
With 8 bodies, I can perform in Dallas and L.A. and New York
and Miami, Texas and Denver, 3 more cities at the same time
Simultaneously sync'd up with the same rhyme
Lyrics come in braille
Did a show in Montreal, in an arena 62 thousand packed
Everybody was blind, 6 thousand pythons around my neck
3 tigers and 4 lions, just bought the tampon maxipad company
There's no slouch or slum in me
Hotel investory - been in the game since Watergate
Six million suits, paid in full
Throwin iced up Rolexes at A.J. Lester
We New Jack City, CMB! You see

[Chorus x1.5]

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