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Kool Keith - Shit Stains текст песни

[Kool Keith slowed: x2]
Shit stains, that's what they are
No charisma, you'll never be a star

[Kool Keith with continued voice modulation:]
I told you before when Trev and Harry turned they ass on me
I fed the boys big steaks, give and ate the best of beef
Toothpicks pluckin dog shit out they teeth
Gruesome gorilla who boo boo girls bowels move superstars
MC's got it doo doo
Get down, y'all know how the mayor sound
Big player sound, throw feces at the windshield wiper
You swing off the road with a diaper
The shit hit the wall, the studio formica
The urine roll off the wall, bounce off the top of your head
Drip on your cypher
The Michael Jackson of rap with my fuckin glove
You niggaz are bullshit, turtledove
You're low class turtle bugs
Fuck them drinks at the pubs
The jam comes like lightning dubs
Bitches I been with before y'all can think about blondes
bustin they knees on rugs


[This part is an uncredited rapper:]
I am what I am dealin with rap, I'm a pro
I'm laughin at you clowns that ain't got no flow
Word on the street Trevor mark, Dave is a homo
You beefin with Bobby Grind, nigga that's a no-no
I'm like the real Cali niggaz doin hits in low-lows
I got a kite in jail sayin Harry I'll work for pro-pro
Somebody said Trev got caught, fuckin Romeo
Niggaz talk tough but they hard tomato paper
Look at me now motherfucker, I'm makin moves that's major
I got a million daily flows how you want it now or later
And Bobby always told me money and fame bring haters
Just ask Wanda, what happened when I took her for a ride
The pussy was so good, I pushed my love inside
She gave it up when I nutted, she sucked it up
I said what about Trev she said "Daddy, he's off as fuck"


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