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Kool Keith - Taking Pictures

Whassup baby?
C'mere let me feel your pussy a lil' bit
Turn around, that's right
Let me see that pretty ass
Lean over
Let me put a little grease in your ass
Knahmsayin baby?
Fine-ass bitch

Bitch let me see one of the titties
Hit you in the face with one of these fitties
Watch pictures, pass out
In the leather sofa with the ass out
Piss in your pocketbook
with a patch over my eye like Captain Hook
Fuck all the romance and love books
Still they help your pussy like a crook
Break you down to the name of your asshole
Connected to the Chevron station and the gas cable
Motherfuckers cooperate, don't be hateful
Lotion your ass up, you're ungrateful
Take a shit in the underground picture
Make it commercial
More tasteful, parental advisory
Clean your vagina with ammonia and ivory

Piss in your face
Piss in the right place
Piss in your face
Piss in the right place

Raisin mutilation
Reynolds and Wrap, Tupperware
New Jersey sexy shit
Hype nipples, eatin your own defecation
Vicks in my nose
Sniffin glue while you smell ass
I specialize in bitches who communicate - and sell ass
If I'm upset, I get a ride and tell ass
Put your ass in a butt-cast
Fingerpop you with my Jason mask
You can't sleepover and crash
Ginseng up yo that's right
Everybody's gettin pissy, with chronic and hash
Waterbed and the table
Leave urine in the back of your Taurus Sable
Tie my underwear to the back of your car
Spray your ass with {?}
Dress you up and grab the Vaseline jar

Piss in your face, girl you know
Pissin in your face, pissin in your face

Your eyes feel my dick in the dark
Part of your bathroom, you think I'm sick
I fill the soggy shit and you split
Over 40 to 50 plus
Old bitches who smoke PCP and dust
Fuck the lust, pour milk on your Bally with Orange Crush
Cover your asshole with a Slurpy slush
Orgy over here, that's right they doin it over there
But I'm the director with a camera, everywhere
I'm the photographer, Jim take pictures
Yo, y'all be first, cause there's seven of us
And I'm not gonna do this
I'm gonna get through this, and do this like Brutus
Taking pictures
Photographers, Nikon and Pentax

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