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Kool Keith - The Voo Doo текст песни

[Kool Keith]
There's a lot of people
They can't go outside
They can't walk nowhere
They can't hang nowhere
All they got to do is ride around with tinted windows
And get somewhere and hide
This is Kool Keith y'all, I'm tellin you the truth

See I know your type, you talk out your ass
A wannabe gangsta mad
The voodoo heavy on you, but your karma's bad
I'm not surprised
NBC News, oh shit! He got killed last night
Ex-corted by the bodyguards
Even with police around him, he got his cap peeled last night
Fans in shock like they didn't know
A white girl from Boston set him up at the show
A Spanish kid walked up to him with a t-shirt
from the projects that said RSO, I'll say yo
The FBI retreated, three Desert Eagles
and a sawed-off double barrel
I'm watchin MTV with the popcorn
The commercials are off, now the pop is on

[Chorus x3: Kool Keith]
The voodoo's on that dude
The whack comedian that ate the wrong food

[Kool Keith]
People can't believe it
The record company's gonna sell 20 million now
Heavy promotion, 20 zillion now
The crap table spendin
Somebody was playin slick on his format with a funny game of poker
The realer came in a gray Benz
The pink one walked in the tour bus, when they got to Gotham City
Mr. Freeze was out in the Bellagio in Vegas
They didn't care what the entourages was comin
They want the Joker, the Mad Hatter
is waitin on the deck for him, like a Red Sox batter
With Rodriguez in the bullpen, my African witchcraft is tight
What's scary I don't write with a dull pen
Like some guy suckin the cock like a John Lennon fan
with a cough drop, who spits semen up from the cocks
Like they walkin up Bronx blocks


[Kool Keith]
Comin through the speakers with no heat
Like you grew up so bad, name a tough street
I hate suburban guys who think they urban
Coffee and donuts, the only thing they servin
From a cartoon bedroom, man close your Incredibles curtain
Funny guys that wanna look at a man is certain
They pay to see a large condom workin
With voodoo all over you, Huggies around your feathers
Don't come to me with doo doo all over you
Seven trials surround you, you have Zulu all over you

[Chorus x2]

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