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Kool Keith - Think You're Sexy текст песни

[Kool Keith]
Keith get straight back to yo' shit
Straight back to yo' shit
A lot of motherfuckin bitches out there rappin
I'ma see ya motherfuckers
You in this motherfuckin game
I'ma treat you like a motherfuckin nigga

I'm nicer than you think
When you show me the pussy that's light pink
Make your asshole wink
Ain't no bitch out there rappin
With clean panties on, smell my hand
Motherfucker everything stank
Fuck a table for two, make a ho eat her own doo doo
Can in your rectum mouth bitch I'll blow out your boo boo
Female rapper, what you fuckin cuckoo?
Test your wig out, and pull my dick out
Turn around and spit in your mouth
Way past the buttcrack and fucked up thong
Long distance baby, call me from down South
Fuck a car, I take Amtrak down there and shit in ya mouth
Come to where you work at, and jerk off niggaz at
Your strip club address I know where you work off niggaz at
Your girlfriend kiss my asshole, playin blackjack
Pitty pat, I don't give a fuck about the territory
I adjust to how your city rap
The funk between your buttcrack
I'm guaranteed to piss on your titty rap, with full force
The golden age, on that ass, I'm full force

[Chorus: Kool Keith]
Oh, you think you're sexy baby? You think you're sexy
You think you're sexy, think you're sexy
You think you're sexy baby? You think you sexy
You sexy, sexy

[Kool Keith]
Dom P bottles, full with piss
Bitch look up eat the sperm off the potato chips
Watch the potatoes flip, cover your face with hors d'oeuvres
Fuck a tight ass body, I defecate on your curves
Egomaniac, I rub my cock on your nerves
With organic herbs, peck your pussyhole out like birds
See me on fifth cane, forty-ninth and third
I'm comin at you word, what the fuck?
Anything I hear, anything I heard

[Chorus: Kool Keith]
Sexy baby! You think you're sexy baby
You think you're sexy, upi think you're sexy
You think you're sexy baby? You think you sexy
You think you sexy, you think you sexy

[Kool Keith]
I'm comin at you motherfuckers, just like motherfuckin niggaz
We gon' get down to the grit in this shit
We gon' put some pussy and tits in this shit
We gon' bring the fork, and we gon' lift in this shit
Fuck you motherfuckers
[moaning and sex sounds]

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