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Kool Keith - You Can't Go Outside

Now you famous.. but guess what?
You can't go outside

You can't walk outside.. with your girl in the rain
You can't walk outside.. with your girl in the rain

[Kool Keith]
I laugh now, I see a lot of jokes
You ain't comfortable, scared pink, hang around a lot of folks
You don't know gangs wanna kill you
You get shot by real locs
First class always, you bring a busload
You neverous when you sit in coach
I know your facade, hardcore
You hope a lot of people get scared with your approach
Your whole steelo mice and roach
When Marion comes in the industry, the parties get empty
The champagne bottles go down
Hotel lobbies get dimmed, your average hard rapper turned ghost
Hits his foxhole and go to his post


[Kool Keith]
A lot of you live through food and delivery
I know the pain is the front in your misery
Come outside your indoor studio, enjoy your life
Lay on your couch by your floor model Sony
You dream you got shot twice
Come outside, don't be scared
Even NBA players walk the streets with no bodyguards
How you gonna flex with Domino's pizza in your living room
and sport your ice? You're paranoid
cause the walked into the library, looked at you twice
Orderin all you do is murder and kill, on vinyl and CD
Request to have the chicken and fried rice
Chinese cat at your door on the bike
You doin the same thing you did last night (same thing)


[Kool Keith]
You wear your glasses at night
Tinted windows, comin through your block slow
You cancelled another show because the police department
and the FBI told you not to go
The record company cover you
Overweight bodyguards smother you
When your wife ain't, what you think your lover do?
Petrified of what happened to 2Pac and Biggie
You light up your ciggy
Grab a cold beer out the refridgerator, bop your mickey
You was scared in the hired hotel
Dressed the janitor walkin by with dickies


You can't walk outside.. with your girl in the rain

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