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Master Shortie - Groupie Love

Eh yo! I ain't your man, I'm everybody's friend!

It's that groupie love, groupie love, groupie love
(You know I just can't get enough)
It's that groupie love, groupie love, groupie love
(I wanna rock you baby I wanna rock you baby)

If you're rich and you're old
And traits are going bald
And you wanna invest in the best
Something you can hold

I got one chick called victoria secret
No money in the bank
But it's money she leave with
When you're in the public you keep it a secret
Because shes twice your junior
And she the one you sleep with
She's only a baby, you call her a baby
And when you buy her something
She repays you with a baby

I got another chick called just-a-car
How you mean it's just-a-car?
I think you forget her name is jessica
She'll take you so high you can touch a star
This is girl is so incredible
So sweet you can say she's edible
But she's from legible
Groupie love is unforgettable...


Yo! I got another chick who's a video vixen
Speaks with her tounge, not a christian
Your gonna be a star, so she listens
Enters the booth starts intermixing
Goes to the toilet, wipes her lips in
When she returns no ones listening
Only 18 yet trapped in the system
If your man's got status
She's already kissed him

Now girls in the crowd are shaking their hips
Screaming out, shortie sign my tits
After the club, bring it to the whip
Into to the back, straight to the bits
She's gonna shine just like her lip gloss
While she shines with her lip gloss
Up and down; just like a lip gloss.
Now? she needs her lip gloss


(Listen up people) I know this girl she likes me
She wants to be my wifey
But that is so unlikely
She says this isn't like me
She know she drives me crazy
She wants to have my baby
Child support cause she's lazy
Swagger chick save me from that...

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