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Master Shortie - Under The Moon

feat. Kase

[Chorus: x2]
We spoke under the moon tonight
Cause love's under the stars tonight

We spoke under the moon tonight
(Hey yo lab?! you killed it with this one man!)
Cause love's under the stars tonight
(It's your boi, master shortie)
We spoke under the moon tonight
Cause love's under the stars tonight
Ho, yo, I'm feeling kind of in love but I'm far from sprung
I'm indulged in maturity so how am I young?
Watch my metaphors and verbs as I spit from the tounge
I reckon you plus me equals a very big sum
I ain't no virgo, I ain't into the lies
I'm caressing your levis cause these guys realise
Yes, I am critical and I am lyrical
I'm a sweep you off your feet and that's no miracle
Your presence is with me, when I'm on stage
You're a breath of fresh air like chewing on an airwave
Us meeting was a magical occasion
I'm put you in a mathematical equation
60 per cent I'll. 40 per cent real
I'm a seccle and chill and show you how I feel
We're uneccesary like the war in iraq
But when I look at your face
I'm like boombaclat!


Ho! ha I feel this chick the way that she
Flicks her hair and her thighs
Infatuated by her smell, drawn in by her eyes
I must have confessed the pain in my chest
Reminiscing 18 yo put me to the test
Unless we got three seasons of love
But when push comes to shove
I'm take you to the stars above
Reminiscing, indulging about how we make love
Yo let me tell you something, wagwan bruv
Too young for me nah, that's another element
Come against my intelligence, that's irrelevant
If our hearts proclaim our sound of stampeding elephants
I like you aura or should I say eminence?
I looked up on your body and I looked up on your face
We talked about my age when I'm holdig on your waist
Cause a girl on the road like you is so hard to find
Forget about your past, let me exfoliate your mind
Or suting?


I love the way you look, right
We met that night underneath the moonlight
And everything you do's right
When you do what you do it looks tight
And ain't nothing above you
Put that ring on your finger?
Trust I would love to
You're my everything and anything else is
Anything, I can do anything
Started in my phone and ended in my heart
I knew you was the right one from the start
I wouldn't know what to do if we parted
Cause it ain't a game, I can't press restart
You're a part of me and even though we ain't one
You're the other half of me, baby you know it's that real
You keep me alive like blood through my arteries


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