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Masterminds - Day One

Ey Yo I'm slippin down a dark hole touchin my soul
Think I'm rushin to the stars flash forward to zones
Can't move a single bone so I let out a moan
Would burn every single poem I wrote just to reach home
Feel a rope around my neck tight wrip grip no slack
then I hear a whipe make a loud crack
Then feel the flesh on my back split allowing blood to drip to the floor
Then I hear a whole crowd roar
With my last bit of strength open my eyes
To see a pack of rednecks straight from 1905
Could tell by the clothes thery wore and their broken grammar
That I was the main event of a lynching in Alabama
My body started shaking stamina breaking down
I screamed take me down they started laughing like clowns
I wish I had a 4 pound or any automatic gun
Just to see them crackers run like Satan had come
Then I heard the sheriff say "Hey, bring me his son."
Now picture that want my little boy to see his Daddy get hung
Then the sheriff turned to me and said "Ain't this fun?
Well this is what you get for florting with a white woman"

[Chorus x2]
Ey yo from day one you see they try to take us under
Police with guns, and clans hanging us from lumber
the shit don't change no matter the time no matter the place
it all stays the same

1963 and now I'm trapped in a Birmingham jail
Next door to King sitting hand cuffed to the rail
I sailed through 3 generations of time but same predicament
Cause now I'm deep in the thick of it, sick of
I started downtown shopping at Montgomery Wards
Where my mom sent me to buy a new ironing board
>From down on Main Street, trooping through the summertime heat
Sweating bullets, came to the colored door and I pull it
Seen this white girl in late teens, blond hair and tight jeans
Shorts who stopped to ask me if I like to play sports
I replied yes, told her basketball was my best
but all these lip reading white folks got confused with "nice breast"
Now it's one mess after another,
get booted from out the store, still no ironingboard to give my mother
Hovered outside on the grass where it seems that news travels fast
Everyone that past said "that's your ass!"
So I run home to tell mom, to just chill and stay calm
But two hours later they burned a croos on the lawn
Until dawn we stayed frightened my first instinct was fighting
But 10 hooded crackers against one, and I'm done
So I run to keep my family from any more calamity
Right before the riverbank is where I got janked
About to get hanged when the sheriff made his interjection
And now I'm sitting in jail for my protection

[Chorus x4]

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