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Masterminds - Joints 2000

You're a synchronized dub of that jiggy shit in clubs
You even got a sub-stitute you pay to hit the pubs
Both a you sport Maytag watches that you bought on Jamaica Ave.
Drivin' up and down in your broken jag
Ya hustle, I gotta knock it, cause you ain't makin a prophet
Ya dreams of being famous should've stayed in the closet
Ya life is like a mock trial (order order)
Like havin a phone with no-one to dial you claim that (?) is your pile
I'm organizin a million thoughts runnin wild in my heart
When it beats it creates musical art
That talks and melodies only heard by Mozart
Telepathically traveled a form of hip-hop classical
That makes your mind goin sabbatical to study my rappin'
And she'll say its magical then hear your shit and start laughin'
Walk to your room grab your clothes and start packin'
Then send you to the hip-hop temple, In Manhattan

Niggaz is mad cause they know we got joints
If you got beef then we can shoot joints
You gotta cop 12 if you wanna hear joints
We score points cause we got joints
Check it out, Niggaz is mad cause they know we got joints
If you got beef then we can shoot joints
Roll a bag and loose I'm a clip you like joints
We score points cause we got joints, Check it out

Me and my lyrical compadres prolly like the senate buildin lobby's durin lunchtime
Three of the best that's unsigned, at one time
Getting bids like the 1-9 at rush-time, Naturally I bust mine
Don't touch mine with one rhyme we drop the hammer
And your crew gets to steppin like a ? actor
I voice the musical truth make it arrogant like ego trip
You wasn't havin it, now you on the penal tip
I seem to flip razors for sure with adverbs and add herbs till my shit list to get served
With bad words hanging out west with Mad Merse
You can't verse, steppin to mine y'all get hearsed
And done first after you've hung my first verse your worst thirst
Is waitin for Minds to rewind so call your night nurse
Why just lifted the skirt, it's 99 so we puttin in work


The world was beggin for a savior so I finally came
To bring these jokers up to speed on how we playin this game
You know my name, Worldwide I get around like a spliff
So every word got em stickin to their guns like the sheriff
I'm not here to change destiny but to fulfill it
And stay fly like the bullets from a gat when you pull it
Red beans, Sweat teams, never missin that mark
So cats wanna hear my big dogs bark and spit sparks
I treaded soft when I started off, now niggaz is getting carted off
Cause they wasn't show now they know
That a Master can play a fool, but a fool masters nothin
So they salty like stove top stuffin
I fake in, natural like skin
Until you front that's when I have to loosen your chin
Get all up inside your chest like a gin well you sound too thin
You can't win you better lip synch or start goals(?) right then

[Chorus x2]

Check it out its like that y'all

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