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Masters Of Illusion - Let Me Talk To You

My name is Keith
We got some nice things for the ladies
Go get the ladies some flowers and stuff
Other people don't love them like we do

I never hurt you talk to you decent at night
And in the daytime I watch you while you sunbathe
And if it rains I bring you straight abouve the water girl
Let me bring you in the house and make some cope of your back
I am stupisfied you know I got my way up
I push you over a 300 just to keep me in the dirt
I love it when we hit the city you got the fireplace
I bring you fire in the a place
Why can't it be me and you
I see your chocolate brown skin
I see your peanut-butter skin breast make me feel like a child go feed me
I bite your rigth cheak and leave a monkey bite
Why can't we be one 'til we die
And if we die why can't we multiply
And if we cry I make sure that a wild kid like me takes care of home while
we two are take

[x7] Let me talk to you
I got some conversation

I'm not Babyface Jimmy Jam of the Lewis
When I look at you the sex male wanna do this
Taste you up and down
Bite the honey brown
Takes you hand up so we can go and have fun
Pope the grill out and everybody chill out
Got to play the little prince
Marvin Grey, sexual healing
You on the blanket I'm ready for fingering
Holding you in the grass whith your so bra jingelling
I got a fruit cocktail for your stomach
Some jellies and juicy fruits from Bellies when I rob it
I lick you there where he won't we lick you there where he don't
Bringing extra underwear to the picknic
Amen to excesy we can get love sick
so quick mick and hunble my ohhhhhh

[x7] Let me talk to you
I got some conversation

In the bathter looking for your bubble bath
With a condom you bout to make me wonder
Woman I drink your bath water like a beaver art
And pop the bubbles of your bath with my indexfinger
Drinking cups and teas in the fireplace
My hand is slight, touching on the right place
The G-spot I know you got a lot of loving hugging
Your juice is ooze how can I loose
When a woman loves a man
she'll bring her best friend with laundry over to your house
When a woman loves a man, she'll clean the grind off your feet

[x4] Let me talk to you
I got some conversation

Yeah baby you know I respect you for
Brought me to Burger King
Ride with me in my litty lorry you know sticking bombs sticking them
Yeah you know light castles be emotional
65 Shebbies can't afford the Benzes we can only fantasize
So you won't need them...

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