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Masters Of Illusion - Magnum Be I

"It was late afternoon of the same day at homicide police headquarters."

"The coroner's report says the bullet was a lead ball
fired from an antique handgun."

"The victim's left ear was sliced off by a sharp blade of some kind."

"Yeah, and pinned to the body together with a note reading
this is only the beginning."

[Motion Man]
You reneg, straight off the shit the psycho kid did
I don't know, I lost my mind a couple years back
My head is hollow point tips, straight penetrate deep in yo' skull
My marksman skills, be on some Bronson, Eastwood
Rambo, Sid or a Norris tip, whatchu heard I'm a nerd?
I'll wax yo' ass in reverb, reverb, reverb
Get off that gangsta man style, you just a clone
Wannabe fuckin Al Capone, I got somethin you ain't seen
But wait, there's seems to be some funk on the scene
I got visions, extra periphreal, the C-1's all off and tell 'em
"Time waits for no man!"
You look soft, like cotton, absorb it all up in your head
Yeah soak it up kid now mix this in
I'm on some +Off the Wall+ +Beat It+, New York turned +Dangerous+ +Thriller+
Now switch that pan button, send me on a vocal rotation
Bounce from ear to ear there, and talk to those that ain't here
But wait, there's major non-believers in the midst
I got solver, for those who zap my style is gon' piss
Believe that, when I rap, often Motion's absurd
It ain't heard, I'm so fly, I soar on pine shit just like I'm a bird
They sneak up on me for the vick I'll bodybag 'em

[Kool Keith] "Psych! I carry a magnum"

[Chorus: Motion Man]
You got the right to remain silent, anything you do can cause you harm
Freeze! Now throw your hands in the air [both lines x3]
You got the right to remain silent, anything you do can cause you harm
Freeze! Get 'em up, get 'em up

[Motion Man]
There won't be no more garbage talkin brothers, I'ma take out the trash
on +Fridays+ I'm Ice Cube knockin out Zeus, get off my block when I'm loose
You watchin camoflauge brothers with infrared beams
You shootin up dreams I aim for targets you ain't seen
But wait, don't try to sneak up on me from behind I ain't fake
You know my type of style, I hit him in them awkward spots
Round after round after round after round after round
They're comin down, yo hit the ground
Straight on that crime scene, you'll say that this rhyme's mean
Instead, I'm buckin off a shot at yo' head
I talk to pimps, players, mack daddies, all areas
Free said, rhymes'll straight up sharpen yo' head
Baldheaded or dread, don't let yo' ego write a check
that yo' ass can't cash, slide my whale down the track
like that was hundred yard dash, sneak up roughly overnight
just like an eczema rash, movin swiftly with Kurt
We make dirt, and ride up on these other MC's
that wear skirts, broads, they all soft
Wigs come off, and move on

[Kool Keith] "Psych! I carry a magnum"


"Hello, Pirelli here. Huh? Yeah, yeah I got it. I'll be right over."

"Well he wasn't kidding about the beginning."

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