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Mateo - Complicated

[VERSE 1:]
So look at me now
It's a quarter pass 3, I won't sleep
Cause you walk through my dreams every night
So why did I change
I never thought cupid could win
Change the way that I been all my life

I just wanted to be
Never wanted to fall... ya know
But you just got me
It's not intentional
Can I be over you
Or will I just lose control
(You got it, got it, You got it bad)
Am I ready for this
Or has my heart taken over my mind
Can I commit
Or should I just press rewind
Is this my cue
Or maybe this a warning sign
(You got it, got it, you got it bad)

This love is so complicated
It's so complicated
It's so complicated
And sometimes I hate it
It's so complicated
It's so complicated
It's intoxicated
I think I might be falling in love

So picture me now
I'm stuck in a room
Painting images of you
Trading colors for your smile


But I can't let it show
So I'm holding it in
Trying harder to pretend
But am fronting all the while



If I don't react, would she give me up
Would she change or lose attention
O... the faith I lack... has me missin' so much
Am I wrong for my ommission
Why did I neglect what I knew from the start
Did I lose my intuition
When I just wanna say... I love her everyday


I'm thinkin'... I'm fallin

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