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Mathematics - Bullet Scar

feat. T-Slugz

[Intro: T-Slugz]
I got it, in yo city
Strong arm.... let's go

[Chorus x2: T-Slugz]
Yo, my life's like a story, I'm let it be known
It was like that before me, and it lit up my soul
Now I see through the lines, to the lies they told
Lives they stole, this wasn't the life I chose

Feel like I'm living in an ocean of sharks
Or in the tank with snakes
I'm not an artist, I'm just somebody's bait
Take flicks, no smile on my face, I'm a serious dude
I'm bout to make this world a scary place
Plus I'm guided by the light in my fate
So I see my way, up that road, before I get to the gates
Learned to separate the truth from lies, and put ya bullshit aside
For the family, I ride til I die
Ain't no such things as friends, know why?
Cause them niggaz is plottin' like foes
You can see the hate in they're eyes
Stretch life with the ink in my pen, I'm obsessed with writing
And all these bars is a blessing from God
Teach lessons to the young g's, that chill in the yard
I tell 'em, time will get you, if you caught off guard
Stay focused, watch them devils ridin' by in them cars
Jumpin' out, tryin' to turn our ghetto to Oz
Two wise to be fooled, by phony disguise
I strategize, calculate my moves with stride, so
Never could you hurt my pride, cause I ain't got one
Nor an ego, towards any of my amigos
I see through cracks like peep holes
Soon as you creep low, you seep low, when the heat blow
I ain't got to be dude, that'll pull the trigger
I'm the man, who hires the killer to wack that nigga

[Chorus x2]

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