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Mathematics - Gun Talk

feat. Buddah Bless, StreetLife

This is it, back in the mix and shit
Verbal gymnast, watch how we flip the script
Doors we split, money ain't rebuild the click
Check the real shit
Niggaz die for pose in they whips
Now we rich and some niggaz smelling they piss
I still murder anyone of y'all fucking with this
We convicts, time served with no jail visits
I'm out now and if you ain't rolling with this
It's no love, it's no hugs, I ain't friends with ya
And you can catch a slug if the Clan say 'Get Ya'
Street Life do anything to get richer
I'll murder you just to put my face in your picture
Why it's like that? I don't play with rap
I got dough to stack, a whole bowl of cracks
In the blocks, it's slowing, I ain't going back
So I'm fucking with Wu when I'm bringing my gats

[multiple gun shots]

[Hook: Buddah Bless]
What's up?
Is this nigga spitting off with the rules?
What's going down?
Absolut till the eighty is proof
What it look like?
The thug 'bout to get in a fight
What it is?
Yo it's just the club, man it's jumping tonight

[Buddah Bless]
This is it, go 'head nigga, start them shit
I'ma beef on the streets with a monster click
You put crills on your blills and I sponsored it
Now mix a lil bit of 'dro with the choco stick
Crack the Dutch, roll it up nigga, spark that shit
I'm bringing flame to the game, I'm an arsonist
And why these cops trying to catch me?
I'ma get gold on ice like Wayne Gretzky
Snipe like Wesley, flows I hawk and spit
I ain't talking shit-it, walking with it
Long forbid it, get lost, forget it
I paid the cost and did it
This a auction, bid it
Y'all don't know what I put up to get it
So put up or shut up, blaze down
What's going down nigga? What up?
What the blood clot? What the fuck got?
Gun cocked, one shot, lung pop
Lunch stop nigga like sun hot
Throw guns warm, conversate arm


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