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Mathematics - Spot Lite

feat. Cappadonna, Inspectah Deck, Method Man, U-Go

[Intro: Method Man]
Come on! Yeah... yeah..
Yo, yo.

[Chorus x2: Cappadonna]
Wu-Tang, we always in the Spot Lite
Get paper, every night is hot night
We stay tight, we just livin' our life
We just livin' our life

[Method Man]
I drink till I'm drunk, smoke skunk with my stinkin ass, smell the funk
Eekin out the pours, cum stain, shitty drawers
Pissin' down ya elevators shaft, no class, writin graf' on ya walls
It be us, fuck ya law, nigga, my cause is "because"
No yin to my yang, it's a black thing
Used to be in chains, now we snatch chains
Took the crack game applied it to the rap game, y'all
Pop quiz, now, what artist hits the hardest?
Get down with the syndrome: retarded
I think it was them swordsmen, place ya chess pieces on the boards and
Take it to square, this ain't no Yacub affair
Or a New World Disorder, got us, fuckin the coal miner's daughter
That y'all, but not us
Fly back, flag a cab and say "check ya"
Next time you see me, say peace and I'll respect ya, Tical

[Chorus x2]

Yo, lights, cameras, don't forget the action
The needle skip, but the turntable scratchin'
Chain blow, bangles, heavy on the cashin'
Same old, Range rove', rainbow Manhattan
Craftmen, captive, still I'm avalanchin'
Holy war, handsome, break 'em off harassin'
Latest fashion, passion, bullets reign gashin'
Flippin' through frenzy, the same Wu-Tang
The Hollywood frame, purple haze stain
Rules of dame, fools, choose to bang
Nigga, you lose, Wu, bruise the game
A few men came, that really held weight
Drop, Chinese bars, stars in fifty-two states
Like, bats out of hell, we crash the gates
Without a base, left the gun powder case
Ladies chase, the hip-hop Babyface

[Chorus x2]

[Interlude: Inspectah Deck]
Word up, throw your hands in the air, like you just don't care
Wu-Tang in your atmosphere, everybody say "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah"

[Inspectah Deck]
Mic Capone, it's best to avoid my strike zone
I zone and swing a sword that'll slice stone
Nice clone, but you could never match the born master
Who tore back half the world, and still saught after by
Dick ridin' niggaz, and chicks who do ditto
Singin' like the Four Tops, providin' info
See me low, through the Jeep window, the chrome spins slow
Gene-ral on the J.O., survival M.O
For now get wild, similar to Ol' Dirty
A third time felon just hit with over thirty
Note worthy style, have them so thirsty
First degree heat, you quittin' on me
Cold turkey, no mercy

[Chorus x2]

Wu-Tang, put you in the Cobra Clutch, til you give up
Ya'll can live up to, Witty Unpredictable
Street mentality, return of the cavalry
36 Chambers, we off key block
Black on the block, tell ya D.J.'s to quit
M.C.'s, to stop that bullshit
Me, Ghost and Rae, we known to pull shit
Step with the brick, on some Ice Water shit
Wallo's in all colors (now) let's get chips, like
Robbin' the bank, pull up with the new whips
Don't get mad, respect rank
No matter how you gettin' dough, give thanks
Everybody hold up your shanks

[Chorus x2]

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